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Through the direct sales ideas business model, we can save generally traditional high rents, help from World people to fight against real estate hegemony, cope with inflation and achieve a win-win situation. So we collect delicious snacks from many countries. Allow customers to purchase affordable, healthy, and fast snacks through the mail to the world and enjoy a new shopping experience.

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There are many kinds of sweets in Japan, no matter it is taste or shape, there are various choices, so overseas tourists will love it. From affordable candy to art-like candy craftsmanship, there are many varieties. This time, Let’s introduce the sweets that have been loved by people for many years rare and precious sweets. If you talk about sweets that represent Japan, you will definitely think of the nostalgic design “Sakuma-style fruit candy” (サクマ式ドロップ). It has been very popular since it was sold 110 years ago, and its long-term popularity has made the store proud. And this candy also appeared in the Japanese national animation film “Firefly Tomb” (“火垂るのTomb”) and became a topic of discussion. You can eat 8 kinds of fruit candies, including strawberries, grapes, and chocolates, in a full candies jar. The candies are brightly colored and have many flavors. What flavor candies you will get next is really exciting! As the lid of the tin can is very tight, it is recommended to use a coin hook to pull up on the edge of the lid.

Japan Biscuits Chocolate

Chocolate is not only a favorite snack for Japanese people but also a good choice for Japanese souvenirs! The biscuits made of whole-grain flour are covered with a layer of fragrant chocolate. Chocolate and white milk chocolate are perfectly compatible with crispy graham biscuits, forming a wonderful taste. Even if you can’t travel to Japan, you can taste this deliciousness. Snacks!

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