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Japan candy Store & Japan Snacks Store. Buy Japan popular candy snacks in online. Such as hello kitty candy, matcha pocky, Japan plush toys, gummies, figurines, quirky snacks from Japan, corn kernels, cute, fun in japan candy box! ! . Japan candy online collect of the latest candy chocolates, cookies, pocky, strawberry sets, Japanese sweets, chewy gummy, hello kitty snacks, stationery in japan snacks box !

Japan candy store with Japanese candy names : UHA Salmon Candy, rokatei wine candy, Peel Candy Angel Candy KitKat Ice Cream Flavor Morinaga Limited Time Sandwich – Morinaga Toffee, Camembert Cheese Flavor, Kanro Super Dream Rainbow Raindrop Candy, Hokkaido Shirai Lovers Chocolate, Calbee French Fries Three Brothers or Tokyo Banana Cake, you name it! – in Japanese Dim Sum shop and snack bar.

Japanese Figurines – box best

Japanese cute Soft Vinyl figures (hello kitty, sumikko gurashi, line friends), hello kitty plush pumpkin candies , Japanese cute accessories (Anpanman, Milky Peto,), Pineapple Candy, Perilla and Plum Flavor “Beautiful Japanese Candy, Fujiya, Crispy Butterfly Candy, Kracie Chiyu Fruit,

Japan long leg soft frog plush

Japan Plush – it what we love

Japanese plush toy doll, hedgehog, fox, cute plush, round and soft and healing styles:- Hedgehog- Fox, Shiba Inu, Rabbit, Shark, Pengium, Frog, Duck, Puppy, Cat…etc.
Anpanman, hello kitty, Melody, sumikko gurashi, Pokémon…etc.
Full of security and super comfortable ‍, super soft ☁️ super cute!! birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day, small gifts.

Japan Cute Accessories
love about it what – Sumikko Gurashi

Sumikko Gurashi Travel The World

– By Sanrio

Japan Sumikko Gurashi Travel Terrartum Figure_2
Japan Sumikko Gurashi Cinema Figure_4

Sumikko Gurashi Family Cinema Figurines

– by Sanrio

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