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10 magical effects of coffee grounds

used coffee grounds | Mr.Korffe
used coffee grounds | Mr.Korffe

Modern people love to drink coffee, whether it is hand-made or coffee machine, there will always be a lot of coffee grounds after drinking. Foreign media reported that the dried coffee grounds have many uses, such as removing stubborn dirt, deodorizing, dehumidifying, repelling insects, and exfoliating.

After the coffee grounds are dried, they are actually good things that can be used wisely, and 10 types of coffee grounds have been sorted out.

Remove stubborn dirt
Mixing coffee grounds and soapy water is a natural and powerful cleaning agent. Because coffee grounds contain activated carbon, they can absorb many fine dirt and stains, and can effectively remove difficult-to-wash dirt.

Cover up scratches on wooden furniture
After moistening the coffee grounds with some water, use a cotton swab to moisten the coffee grounds, and lightly apply it to the scratches on the wooden furniture to make the scratches less obvious.

Mosquito repellent
In humid climates, mosquitoes are common. You can sprinkle some coffee grounds in the yard, or dry the ground coffee, and then add water to re-boil it. After the brewed coffee water cools, put it into a spray bottle and spray it on the plants. Where the insects are, it has the effect of repelling insects. Driveaway ants

Because coffee grounds contain alkaloids, many insects stay away. If there are a lot of ants in your home, you can sprinkle coffee grounds near the ant nest or in the flower bed.

Fertilizer for growing plants
Coffee grounds contain nutrients needed for plant growth. Pour it into a flower pot, which can act as fertilizer without the smell of fertilizer.

Coffee grounds are good material for exfoliating. Adding it to the body wash and scrubbing and massaging the body can remove aging keratin and make the skin smooth and firm, delicate and shiny.

Kitchen dehumidification and odor prevention
Coffee grounds have a dehumidifying effect. Put the dried coffee grounds in a tea bag or gauze bag and place it on the dish rack to achieve the effect. In addition, put the dried coffee grounds into a kitchen waste bag, and drain the soup, which has the effect of eliminating the peculiar smell.

Remove the fishy smell in your hands
Sun-dried coffee grounds can be packed in a small jar and placed in the kitchen for later use. When you usually cut onions, chop garlic, process raw meat, or cook seafood, grab some and rub it on your hands to remove the pungent and fishy odor.

Shoe cabinet deodorization
Put the dried coffee grounds in the shoe cabinet, in addition to dehumidification, it can also act as an aromatic agent. After it is packed in gauze bags, it is directly placed in the wet shoes, and the deodorization and dehumidification effects are more obvious.

Clean the microwave and refrigerator for the peculiar smell
Put water and coffee grounds on a wide-mouth plate, put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, let it stand for 1 minute to allow the steam to fill the inside, and finally scrub with warm coffee grounds water. In addition, in the refrigerator, you can put dry coffee grounds Put it into a paper cup or glass jar, cover it with plastic wrap, poke a few holes, and put it in the corner of the refrigerator to deodorize and dehumidify.

Removal of peculiar smell from a plastic box
After using the plastic container several times, there may be small scratches and peculiar smells. Put the dried coffee grounds or tea grounds into the tea bag, put it in a clean plastic container, and cover it for a few days to eliminate the peculiar smell.

used coffee ground 1 | Mr.Korffe
used coffee ground 1 | Mr.Korffe
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