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The coffee family must learn 10 methods to make high-grade instant coffee

At the beginning last year, I can still bring Starbucks into the office, but start of covid-19, I can only drink a cup of instant coffee at home/ office. Well, some people may save money because of instant coffee, but in fact, the reason why more people like to drink is because instant coffee has the most flexible taste choices and can be adjusted according to their own preferences. Today Sayuri is going to teach you 10 tips on how to make instant coffee more delicious. When the boss is not paying attention, I will go to the pantry to experiment!

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  1. The water temperature is controlled between 80 and 90 degrees: theoretically higher than this temperature will make the coffee taste bitter, if it is too low, the sourness and bitterness of coffee will be brewed. But if you like to drink certain flavors of sour, you can adjust it yourself based on this.

2. Put it in a microwave oven to warm it up: It’s already brewed with hot water, why do you want to warm it up? The answer is to make the molecules of coffee powder more active, and to drink more flavorful.

3. First add a small cup of hot water to dissolve, and then fill the cup: I wonder if the acid people have such experience? The hot water was added urgently and hot until the water filled the cup, but there was still a pile of undissolved powder on the water? It is recommended to add a small cup of hot water and stir evenly, and then inject appropriate water.

4. Grasp the golden ratio: The All Japan Coffee Association recommends mastering the golden ratio “for every small teaspoon of coffee powder, add 140-150cc of hot water.” Of course, I like to drink light or strong sour, which can be adjusted slightly according to the taste.


5. Stir-fry on low heat for 30 seconds: In this way, the aroma and concentration of instant coffee powder can be improved. As long as 30 seconds, it will be useless if it is burnt.

6. Choose instant coffee with larger grains: The large grains here do not require you to take micro-ground coffee beans, which can’t be brewed. What I’m talking about here is that if conditions permit, try not to use instant coffee powder that advertises that it can be brewed directly with ice water. This should be combined with the previous point, because the coffee powder with too small particles is easier to fry with a small fire, and the aroma is not easy to preserve. On the contrary, after such a stir, the taste of the brewed coffee is bland.

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7. Adding salt: This comes from the habit of the Arabs to drink coffee. Compared with sugar, a little bit of salt harmonizes the sourness of coffee and makes the taste more smooth.

8. Add a small cup of barley tea: Want to drink sweeter, but don’t want to just add sugar and creamer? Try adding a little barley tea! In addition, because instant coffee is prone to lose its flavor after being soaked for a long time, adding barley tea can not only enhance the sweetness, but also help retain the aroma.

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9. Add flavor: adding milk candy, marshmallows, or even crushing the unfinished Oreo into it will make the coffee flavor full of layers.

10. Keep it properly: The last and most important point, don’t think that the instant coffee powder has an outer packaging, so you can put it arbitrarily. It is recommended to find an airtight jar or put it in a cool place. Do not let the coffee powder get damp or exposed to the sun. .

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