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4 snacks best with wine

【Wine knowledge】4 snacks best with wine matching   Merlot red wine should be matched with…Many times, a person watching a movie at home and listening to music will want to relax with a drink. When there is no alcohol, it is best to have some snacks around you, you can eat immediately. But the question is snacks with wine? In fact, as long as you consider the taste between them, snacks with red wine are not a difficult thing. Next, we will introduce four kinds of snacks that can be bought everywhere and matched with wine.


1. Barbecue-flavored potato chips with Pinot Noir red wine

The sweet barbecue sauce matches the fresh fruity flavor. The light-bodied Pinot Noir, after iced, tastes like premium grape juice. The tannins are fine and will not affect the taste of potato chips. The aroma of dried fruit and plum pear blends perfectly with barbecue sauce.


2. Brownie with Merlot

Brownie is a cube-shaped cake body inlaid with walnuts, a dessert that can be seen in the streets and alleys. Chocolate is a good match with the sweet Merlot wine. The easy-to-drink Merlot red wine tastes sweet and matches the Brownie’s passionate chocolate.


3. French fries with sparkling wine

No one can resist the freshly fried French fries. Sparkling wine is to get tired, and when you eat chips, you must have a refreshing sparkling wine. Sparkling wine has become the versatile first choice with its beautiful and delicate body, and it is seamlessly integrated with French fries!

4. cheese chestnut rice sticks with Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Sauvignon) red wine

Cheese-flavored corn sticks are recommended with Cabernet Sauvignon. The richness of the cheese and the mature and full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon are very much in harmony, teaching people to relish!

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