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Coffee is fragrant and super healing, five ways to brew super simple coffee in camping!

korffe camper logo photo | Mr.Korffe
korffe camper logo photo | Mr.Korffe

Have a good cup of coffee while camping!

No matter where you are, the smell of coffee in the morning is always fascinating. I don’t know when I started to yearn for a cup of coffee when I opened my eyes in the wild. Every time I buy ingredients in the supermarket before camping, I always go to the coffee area to get a box of filter coffee and look forward to the aroma the next morning. But we all know that for coffee brewing, there is not only a filter hanging bag to choose from. Come and see what other brewing options you have for a cup of strong coffee while camping!

Korffe Drip Bag Coffee In Camping
Korffe Drip Bag Coffee In Camping
  1. Convenient sealing ear bag
    This may be the most convenient way. Not only can ear bags be easily bought in major convenience stores, but you can even grind the beans at home and put them in and take them with you. After getting up in the morning at the camp, there is no need to adjust the coarse and fine grinding of beans or pay attention to the water temperature in a confused situation. Boil a pot of hot water to start your day. The design of the small package of the ear bag even allows you to drink a cup of Ou while hiking!
Enjoy camping easy drip coffee bag | Mr.Korffe
Enjoy camping easy drip coffee bag | Mr.Korffe
  1. French filter press pot
    Using a French filter press is also very simple, making your morning extra relaxing. It is also simple to boil a pot of hot water, pour the prepared coffee powder into the filter press pot, and you will be able to enjoy your coffee soon. Regarding the French filter press pot, there is also a small profit. When it comes to camping equipment, we who are pursuing functionality should be happy to know that the French press can also be used to make tea. Tea and coffee in one pot!
  1. Special coffee enjoyment group for brewing
    Please refer to the picture below, the integrated design is very convenient. One is perfectly combined with the stove, the stove frame and the filter paper hole. It can be used as a cooking hob when not brewing coffee. The design of the module is absolutely everyone’s favorite. Put them all together! Never bring any less equipment!
  1. Have a cup of espresso
    A cup of espresso in the wilderness? This may sound absurd, but it is not out of reach. There are many solutions on the market that can achieve espresso outdoors. Although the designs of these products are somewhat different, they all use the same concept. Use a small or electric device to squeeze and extract a cup of espresso you love. You can enjoy a cup of pure espresso without a high-pressure coffee machine. At the same time, the coffee fat really makes people happy and crazy!
  1. The ultimate solution for freshly ground coffee
    How is a cup of coffee made? Start by grinding coffee beans into coffee powder. At this time, you need a grinder with a handle (we all admit that the handle is much easier to use). After grinding the coffee powder you love, you need a filter cup or filter paper next. After loading the filter paper on the coffee cup, it is brewed with hot water. How many appliances are needed for these simple 3 steps? Remember what was mentioned earlier? Isn’t camping the pursuit of a function? Is there such a product that can combine the grinder, filter cup and coffee cup? The voices of everyone have been heard! There really is such an ultimate solution for freshly ground coffee. In fact, the concept is very simple, just make three things together! Why did we not expect it? Forget it, have a cup of coffee first!
    After watching so many good coffee solutions for camping, does it tick your heart? In fact, these solutions are also a great way to brew at home! Hurry up and see what you are missing, don’t hesitate, hurry up and brew your first cup of coffee today!
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