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A guide to the role of a coffee shop, what kind of role are you in? Sniff the fragrance of coffee, settle yourself in a calm afternoon, paired with sweet and delicious muffins or cakes, let people get spiritual sublimation in the coffee shops in the corners and alleys. I don’t know if you have ever observed that the same people sitting in the store are different. There are students wearing headphones holding coffee and notes, or young literary and artistic youths relaxing with their backs on their seats and reading books, or they’re different. In addition to the guests who keep talking with friends, of course, there are diners who come for coffee and desserts themselves.

Korffe headphone with coffee_2 | Mr.Korffe
Korffe headphone with coffee_2 | Mr.Korffe

Everyone has different goals, but they wander to the same place; everyone is like a hero on a journey, bringing their own stories together here. You can roughly imagine the appearance of everyone gathered in the palace of the Elf King in the Lord of the Rings. The heroes lead their respective story lines to meet together. It is just that the Dwarf King has been replaced by a hard-study boy, and the Elf Queen has been replaced by a Wen who chats with friends. Wan young woman. Self-proclaimed as a bard, I can’t help wondering about each guest’s theme song. Fortunately, this is exactly what I am good at. Now, I invite you to enjoy the music selected for different roles! .

The students sitting in a quiet corner holding a book and studying hard, just like this song, are struggling to face the entrance examination and “turn the world” for the future. Facing the unknown life and the pressure of exams, it is like staring at the abyss, and the abyss is staring at you and me at the same time; there is only one way to avoid falling, and you can “reverse the darkness and resist fear” by putting books and knowledge under your feet and climbing up. “Get out of your own sky.

Literary and artistic youths who are sitting by the window and reading with the spilt sunlight are most suitable for this song. Opening a book is like entering another world, and after closing the cover page, they return to reality from a spiritual journey “Back to the Earth” world. The more invested, the farther away the mind will be from the hustle and bustle of the city, and gradually lose the vision under his feet, and plunge into the embrace of the sea of ​​literary stars.

As soon as you enter the door, you can see a table of three or five friends chatting vigorously, bragging to each other, and dancing with excitement. Like this song, talk about how you’ve been recently, using a slightly exaggerated metaphor for your current life; if you are thirsty, drink a drink and continue with another person. Occasionally, there is a lively atmosphere of non-nutritive dialogue, which is a happy lifestyle.

Korffe headphone with coffee_1 | Mr.korffe
Korffe headphone with coffee_1 | Mr.korffe

Congratulations to everyone for reading this guide. Next time you go to a coffee shop to eat, you might as well choose a role, follow the instructions to play music, and see if you can enter the world of the role or develop a new

A guide to the role of a coffee shop, what kind of role are you in?

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