Pretz New Match

japan Pocky new style_14

There are many choices of ingredients in the world, and the matching is also ever-changing. Many brands will engage in Crossover to bring guests full of fresh cuisine. It seems that Japan’s Pocky has cooperated with KIRIN afternoon black tea to launch banana chocolate and Acai Berry cheese tea flavors respectively. It is recommended to eat Pretz first and then drink tea. It is said that after 30 seconds, people will feel like going to Hawaii, believe it or not. . Moreover, the tea bottle and Pretz box are all designed in Hawaiian style, so you can mix and match it yourself, which is quite enjoyable.

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The milk ice cream is supported by a few sticks of snack “Pretz”, and a large group of pink marshmallows are placed on it, just like a hot air balloon flying into the sky. The ice cream is topped with fruity syrup, so sweet!

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There are also 3 cute little cones, Pretz, Popcorn, and Mixed Nuts. They are colorful, exquisite and compact. They are definitely the favorite of fairies~

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You can’t imagine the taste, appearance or imagination from the name. It is made according to the new ideas of high school students-the sweetness of soft ice cream and the salty Ekisoba soup noodle, plus the cheese flavored Britz, which is sweet Salty and full of creativity.

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Let’s Make A Dalgona coffee

Korea Instant Drip Coffee_2 | Mr.Korffe

Do you know Dalgona coffee? Let’s make a dalgona coffee. It is a drink made by putting fluffy whipped coffee on milk. “Dalgona” is a sugar confectionery like honeycomb toffee sold at Korean food stalls. The name comes from the fact that it tastes and looks similar to Dalgona. In the climate of stay home, the number of people who feel like a cafe at home has increased, and the number of people who make Dalgona coffee and post photos on SNS has increased, which is the reason why it spread to Japan. One of the charms is the two-layered appearance that makes you want to take pictures. Please enjoy it in transparent glass.

Basically, the amount of sugar, coffee, and hot water should be the same. Seasonal pattern, milk was warmed and poured, but it is okay to keep it cold. Please find your favorite way of drinking.

An adult dessert drink that is not too sweet and bittersweet. Please enjoy long autumn nights and reading time.

Ingredients (for 2 people, 181 kcal per person)
・ 2 tablespoons of sugar
・ 2 tablespoons of instant coffee
・ 2 tablespoons of hot water
・ Milk 400ml
・ A little instant coffee (for decoration)
How to make (cooking time 10 minutes)

(1) Put sugar, 2 tablespoons of instant coffee, and a certain amount of hot water in a bowl. Whisk with a hand mixer (or whisk) until the horns stand.

(2) Put milk in a small pot and heat it to warm it. Turn off the heat just before boiling and pour into a heat-resistant glass. Pour (1) slowly and use a spoon to shape the foam. Sprinkle instant coffee for decoration.

Warming milk The film that can be made by warming milk is a collection of proteins and fats. It doesn’t feel good on the palate, so warm it while mixing so that the film does not stick as much as possible. Even if you warm it in the microwave.

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10 magical effects of coffee grounds

used coffee ground 1 | Mr.Korffe
used coffee grounds | Mr.Korffe
used coffee grounds | Mr.Korffe

Modern people love to drink coffee, whether it is hand-made or coffee machine, there will always be a lot of coffee grounds after drinking. Foreign media reported that the dried coffee grounds have many uses, such as removing stubborn dirt, deodorizing, dehumidifying, repelling insects, and exfoliating.

After the coffee grounds are dried, they are actually good things that can be used wisely, and 10 types of coffee grounds have been sorted out.

Remove stubborn dirt
Mixing coffee grounds and soapy water is a natural and powerful cleaning agent. Because coffee grounds contain activated carbon, they can absorb many fine dirt and stains, and can effectively remove difficult-to-wash dirt.

Cover up scratches on wooden furniture
After moistening the coffee grounds with some water, use a cotton swab to moisten the coffee grounds, and lightly apply it to the scratches on the wooden furniture to make the scratches less obvious.

Mosquito repellent
In humid climates, mosquitoes are common. You can sprinkle some coffee grounds in the yard, or dry the ground coffee, and then add water to re-boil it. After the brewed coffee water cools, put it into a spray bottle and spray it on the plants. Where the insects are, it has the effect of repelling insects. Driveaway ants

Because coffee grounds contain alkaloids, many insects stay away. If there are a lot of ants in your home, you can sprinkle coffee grounds near the ant nest or in the flower bed.

Fertilizer for growing plants
Coffee grounds contain nutrients needed for plant growth. Pour it into a flower pot, which can act as fertilizer without the smell of fertilizer.

Coffee grounds are good material for exfoliating. Adding it to the body wash and scrubbing and massaging the body can remove aging keratin and make the skin smooth and firm, delicate and shiny.

Kitchen dehumidification and odor prevention
Coffee grounds have a dehumidifying effect. Put the dried coffee grounds in a tea bag or gauze bag and place it on the dish rack to achieve the effect. In addition, put the dried coffee grounds into a kitchen waste bag, and drain the soup, which has the effect of eliminating the peculiar smell.

Remove the fishy smell in your hands
Sun-dried coffee grounds can be packed in a small jar and placed in the kitchen for later use. When you usually cut onions, chop garlic, process raw meat, or cook seafood, grab some and rub it on your hands to remove the pungent and fishy odor.

Shoe cabinet deodorization
Put the dried coffee grounds in the shoe cabinet, in addition to dehumidification, it can also act as an aromatic agent. After it is packed in gauze bags, it is directly placed in the wet shoes, and the deodorization and dehumidification effects are more obvious.

Clean the microwave and refrigerator for the peculiar smell
Put water and coffee grounds on a wide-mouth plate, put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, let it stand for 1 minute to allow the steam to fill the inside, and finally scrub with warm coffee grounds water. In addition, in the refrigerator, you can put dry coffee grounds Put it into a paper cup or glass jar, cover it with plastic wrap, poke a few holes, and put it in the corner of the refrigerator to deodorize and dehumidify.

Removal of peculiar smell from a plastic box
After using the plastic container several times, there may be small scratches and peculiar smells. Put the dried coffee grounds or tea grounds into the tea bag, put it in a clean plastic container, and cover it for a few days to eliminate the peculiar smell.

used coffee ground 1 | Mr.Korffe
used coffee ground 1 | Mr.Korffe
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Snacks Cartoon

Snacks - clever request

Search special Design or printing in snacks is collectable . Keep update fun and interesting photo and snacks cartoon to sharing with anyone like snacks.

Snacks - clever request
mezzacotta - Square Root of Minus Garfield
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DIY Pocky Cake

Post Diy Pocky Cake Jpfoodstore

DIY Pocky Cake is a popular all-match snack, it is not only a snack with high value and good taste; in fact, it has another stealth skill! That is to decorate the cake~ Use different types of pocky to decorate different cakes, it can’t be cooler! (Should they consciously take the initiative to charge me advertising fees or something~)

Buy ten catties of POCKY chocolate bars to decorate the cake, all models are beautiful

Decorating cakes with POCKY is so beautiful

jpfoodstore - pretz photo 1

Matcha, fresh green~

jpfoodstore - pretz photo 2
jpfoodstore - pretz photo 3
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Strawberry, girl’s favorite~

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Chocolate, a classic choice~

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Pocky sticks, a good match for dessert decoration~

jpfoodstore - pretz photo 18
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You can also use POCKY to confess~

jpfoodstore - pretz photo 20

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5 Japanese cup noodles

jpfoodstore japanese cup noodle_2

Recommend 5 Japanese cup noodle recipes . Although the taste of cup noodles is increasing, it still fails to satisfy a group of Japanese netizens.
There are many cup noodle recipes circulating , and the editor has selected 5 ingredients to highlight!

[1] Milk: The noodle soup is super rich

Netizens recommend using milk instead of hot water to soak cup noodles, which will make the noodle soup richer. Even netizens said,
If added to seafood-flavored cup noodles, it tastes like seafood chowder. Recommended by netizens, milk cooperates
Cup noodles with seafood flavor or curry flavor are the most delicious. Some netizens recommend a more convenient method
Method, after making the cup noodles, add evaporated milk for coffee, it will instantly become a rich soup base.

jpfoodstore japanese cup noodle_2

【2】Tomato: It is Italian style

Some netizens suggested on Twitter that adding cherry tomatoes to seafood cups is like going to the sun
Plenty of places to enjoy lunch. The easy way is to add a little bit to the cup noodles after soaking
ketchup. Some netizens even pointed out that seafood noodles became Italian style immediately after adding tomato flavor.
, The taste is instantly improved.

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【3】Eggs: Cup Noodle Sukiyaki

There are many ways to eat eggs, and there is more than one way to add cup noodles. The easiest way is
When making noodles, add an egg, or after making noodles, add raw eggs. another
The more advanced way of eating is to beat an egg and put a little soy sauce in it, just like eating sukiyaki
Similarly, dip the noodles in egg syrup and eat it, it will be delicious!

jpfoodstore japanese cup noodle_4
【4】Cheese Lo Mein

Cheese, an evil ingredient, of course became one of the recommended ingredients. Put the sliced ​​cheese layer by layer
In the cup noodles, the half-melted cheese with the noodles immediately becomes the cheese lo noodles. According to Japan Net
People experience, curry or chili tomato flavor cup noodles, the most magical cheese!

jpfoodstore japanese cup noodle_5
[5] Mayonnaise: the favorite of Japanese netizens

Those familiar with Japanese food culture will know that Japanese people like to add to different dishes or food
Add mayonnaise. When it comes to cup noodle ingredients, there must be mayonnaise. Some netizens even point out that “mayonnaise
It is a standard ingredient! “The method is also very simple, just add your favorite mayonnaise and soak
In the cup of noodles, you will have a milk-like taste. What this food law netizen recommends most is cooperation
Cup noodles with seafood, curry or chilli tomato flavor.

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3 Cool Lipton Drinks - Lipton Tea Bag _3

3 Cool Lipton Drinks

In the high temperature in summer, homemade a cup of ice-cool Lipton drinks fruit tea is just right for appetizing and moisturizing. Adjectives such as scorching heat, a sultry heat, and high temperature are generally closely related to summer. After all, there is no season of the year that is so hot as summer. I looked forward to summer when I didn’t come, and when it really came, I realized how hard summer is. However, the hot climate also presents a large number of the most delicious drinks that can only be enjoyed in summer. Sweet and sour fruit teas are among them! - Lipton Tea Bag _1

Summer is the season for a large number of fruits to be on the market. The iced fruit alone makes people want to eat it alone. It is also mixed with fragrant tea. The two combine to form a delicious fruit tea that makes people feel refreshing, no matter whether it is sweet or sour. The delicious passionate pineapple nectar or the sweet tomato peaches are both unstoppable. One cup after another, if you can really want to drink it every day! - Lipton Tea Bag _2

In fact, as long as you make it at home, you can drink it every day. Each fruit has its own method. As long as the method is obtained, you can basically make a good fruit tea. The following is a super simple fruit tea method, which is appetizing and moisturizing. Don’t miss it!

Ingredients: two bags of black tea, a cup of boiled water, a passion fruit, a scoop of sugar, half an apple, half a lemon, half an orange, half a mango, half a kiwi fruit, appropriate amount of pineapple, appropriate amount of watermelon

practice: - Lipton Tea Bag _3
  1. Two packs of Lipton Black Tea, soak in water and set aside;
  2. Soak lemon and orange in water and use a brush to clean the skin;
  3. Add passion fruit and sugar, stir well and set aside, cut or slice the fruit;
  4. After the black tea is brewed, take out the teabag and throw it away. Pour the tea into a glass, intersperse the fruit, arrange the lemon slices, and finally pour the passion fruit. Put it in the refrigerator for one hour. The refreshing and sweet fruit tea is ready. ! If you like to eat ice, you can also prepare a few ice cubes into it!

View more description on youtube

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4 snacks best with wine

【Wine knowledge】4 snacks best with wine matching   Merlot red wine should be matched with…Many times, a person watching a movie at home and listening to music will want to relax with a drink. When there is no alcohol, it is best to have some snacks around you, you can eat immediately. But the question is snacks with wine? In fact, as long as you consider the taste between them, snacks with red wine are not a difficult thing. Next, we will introduce four kinds of snacks that can be bought everywhere and matched with wine.


1. Barbecue-flavored potato chips with Pinot Noir red wine

The sweet barbecue sauce matches the fresh fruity flavor. The light-bodied Pinot Noir, after iced, tastes like premium grape juice. The tannins are fine and will not affect the taste of potato chips. The aroma of dried fruit and plum pear blends perfectly with barbecue sauce.


2. Brownie with Merlot

Brownie is a cube-shaped cake body inlaid with walnuts, a dessert that can be seen in the streets and alleys. Chocolate is a good match with the sweet Merlot wine. The easy-to-drink Merlot red wine tastes sweet and matches the Brownie’s passionate chocolate.


3. French fries with sparkling wine

No one can resist the freshly fried French fries. Sparkling wine is to get tired, and when you eat chips, you must have a refreshing sparkling wine. Sparkling wine has become the versatile first choice with its beautiful and delicate body, and it is seamlessly integrated with French fries!

4. cheese chestnut rice sticks with Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Sauvignon) red wine

Cheese-flavored corn sticks are recommended with Cabernet Sauvignon. The richness of the cheese and the mature and full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon are very much in harmony, teaching people to relish!

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