Let’s Make A Dalgona coffee

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Do you know Dalgona coffee? Let’s make a dalgona coffee. It is a drink made by putting fluffy whipped coffee on milk. “Dalgona” is a sugar confectionery like honeycomb toffee sold at Korean food stalls. The name comes from the fact that it tastes and looks similar to Dalgona. In the climate of stay home, the number of people who feel like a cafe at home has increased, and the number of people who make Dalgona coffee and post photos on SNS has increased, which is the reason why it spread to Japan. One of the charms is the two-layered appearance that makes you want to take pictures. Please enjoy it in transparent glass.

Basically, the amount of sugar, coffee, and hot water should be the same. Seasonal pattern, milk was warmed and poured, but it is okay to keep it cold. Please find your favorite way of drinking.

An adult dessert drink that is not too sweet and bittersweet. Please enjoy long autumn nights and reading time.

Ingredients (for 2 people, 181 kcal per person)
・ 2 tablespoons of sugar
・ 2 tablespoons of instant coffee
・ 2 tablespoons of hot water
・ Milk 400ml
・ A little instant coffee (for decoration)
How to make (cooking time 10 minutes)

(1) Put sugar, 2 tablespoons of instant coffee, and a certain amount of hot water in a bowl. Whisk with a hand mixer (or whisk) until the horns stand.

(2) Put milk in a small pot and heat it to warm it. Turn off the heat just before boiling and pour into a heat-resistant glass. Pour (1) slowly and use a spoon to shape the foam. Sprinkle instant coffee for decoration.

Warming milk The film that can be made by warming milk is a collection of proteins and fats. It doesn’t feel good on the palate, so warm it while mixing so that the film does not stick as much as possible. Even if you warm it in the microwave.

10 magical effects of coffee grounds

used coffee ground 1 | Mr.Korffe
used coffee grounds | Mr.Korffe
used coffee grounds | Mr.Korffe

Modern people love to drink coffee, whether it is hand-made or coffee machine, there will always be a lot of coffee grounds after drinking. Foreign media reported that the dried coffee grounds have many uses, such as removing stubborn dirt, deodorizing, dehumidifying, repelling insects, and exfoliating.

After the coffee grounds are dried, they are actually good things that can be used wisely, and 10 types of coffee grounds have been sorted out.

Remove stubborn dirt
Mixing coffee grounds and soapy water is a natural and powerful cleaning agent. Because coffee grounds contain activated carbon, they can absorb many fine dirt and stains, and can effectively remove difficult-to-wash dirt.

Cover up scratches on wooden furniture
After moistening the coffee grounds with some water, use a cotton swab to moisten the coffee grounds, and lightly apply it to the scratches on the wooden furniture to make the scratches less obvious.

Mosquito repellent
In humid climates, mosquitoes are common. You can sprinkle some coffee grounds in the yard, or dry the ground coffee, and then add water to re-boil it. After the brewed coffee water cools, put it into a spray bottle and spray it on the plants. Where the insects are, it has the effect of repelling insects. Driveaway ants

Because coffee grounds contain alkaloids, many insects stay away. If there are a lot of ants in your home, you can sprinkle coffee grounds near the ant nest or in the flower bed.

Fertilizer for growing plants
Coffee grounds contain nutrients needed for plant growth. Pour it into a flower pot, which can act as fertilizer without the smell of fertilizer.

Coffee grounds are good material for exfoliating. Adding it to the body wash and scrubbing and massaging the body can remove aging keratin and make the skin smooth and firm, delicate and shiny.

Kitchen dehumidification and odor prevention
Coffee grounds have a dehumidifying effect. Put the dried coffee grounds in a tea bag or gauze bag and place it on the dish rack to achieve the effect. In addition, put the dried coffee grounds into a kitchen waste bag, and drain the soup, which has the effect of eliminating the peculiar smell.

Remove the fishy smell in your hands
Sun-dried coffee grounds can be packed in a small jar and placed in the kitchen for later use. When you usually cut onions, chop garlic, process raw meat, or cook seafood, grab some and rub it on your hands to remove the pungent and fishy odor.

Shoe cabinet deodorization
Put the dried coffee grounds in the shoe cabinet, in addition to dehumidification, it can also act as an aromatic agent. After it is packed in gauze bags, it is directly placed in the wet shoes, and the deodorization and dehumidification effects are more obvious.

Clean the microwave and refrigerator for the peculiar smell
Put water and coffee grounds on a wide-mouth plate, put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, let it stand for 1 minute to allow the steam to fill the inside, and finally scrub with warm coffee grounds water. In addition, in the refrigerator, you can put dry coffee grounds Put it into a paper cup or glass jar, cover it with plastic wrap, poke a few holes, and put it in the corner of the refrigerator to deodorize and dehumidify.

Removal of peculiar smell from a plastic box
After using the plastic container several times, there may be small scratches and peculiar smells. Put the dried coffee grounds or tea grounds into the tea bag, put it in a clean plastic container, and cover it for a few days to eliminate the peculiar smell.

used coffee ground 1 | Mr.Korffe
used coffee ground 1 | Mr.Korffe

A guide to the role of a coffee shop

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A guide to the role of a coffee shop, what kind of role are you in? Sniff the fragrance of coffee, settle yourself in a calm afternoon, paired with sweet and delicious muffins or cakes, let people get spiritual sublimation in the coffee shops in the corners and alleys. I don’t know if you have ever observed that the same people sitting in the store are different. There are students wearing headphones holding coffee and notes, or young literary and artistic youths relaxing with their backs on their seats and reading books, or they’re different. In addition to the guests who keep talking with friends, of course, there are diners who come for coffee and desserts themselves.

Korffe headphone with coffee_2 | Mr.Korffe
Korffe headphone with coffee_2 | Mr.Korffe

Everyone has different goals, but they wander to the same place; everyone is like a hero on a journey, bringing their own stories together here. You can roughly imagine the appearance of everyone gathered in the palace of the Elf King in the Lord of the Rings. The heroes lead their respective story lines to meet together. It is just that the Dwarf King has been replaced by a hard-study boy, and the Elf Queen has been replaced by a Wen who chats with friends. Wan young woman. Self-proclaimed as a bard, I can’t help wondering about each guest’s theme song. Fortunately, this is exactly what I am good at. Now, I invite you to enjoy the music selected for different roles! .

The students sitting in a quiet corner holding a book and studying hard, just like this song, are struggling to face the entrance examination and “turn the world” for the future. Facing the unknown life and the pressure of exams, it is like staring at the abyss, and the abyss is staring at you and me at the same time; there is only one way to avoid falling, and you can “reverse the darkness and resist fear” by putting books and knowledge under your feet and climbing up. “Get out of your own sky.

Literary and artistic youths who are sitting by the window and reading with the spilt sunlight are most suitable for this song. Opening a book is like entering another world, and after closing the cover page, they return to reality from a spiritual journey “Back to the Earth” world. The more invested, the farther away the mind will be from the hustle and bustle of the city, and gradually lose the vision under his feet, and plunge into the embrace of the sea of ​​literary stars.

As soon as you enter the door, you can see a table of three or five friends chatting vigorously, bragging to each other, and dancing with excitement. Like this song, talk about how you’ve been recently, using a slightly exaggerated metaphor for your current life; if you are thirsty, drink a drink and continue with another person. Occasionally, there is a lively atmosphere of non-nutritive dialogue, which is a happy lifestyle.

Korffe headphone with coffee_1 | Mr.korffe
Korffe headphone with coffee_1 | Mr.korffe

Congratulations to everyone for reading this guide. Next time you go to a coffee shop to eat, you might as well choose a role, follow the instructions to play music, and see if you can enter the world of the role or develop a new

A guide to the role of a coffee shop, what kind of role are you in?

5 ways to brew super simple coffee in camping

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Coffee is fragrant and super healing, five ways to brew super simple coffee in camping!

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korffe camper logo photo | Mr.Korffe

Have a good cup of coffee while camping!

No matter where you are, the smell of coffee in the morning is always fascinating. I don’t know when I started to yearn for a cup of coffee when I opened my eyes in the wild. Every time I buy ingredients in the supermarket before camping, I always go to the coffee area to get a box of filter coffee and look forward to the aroma the next morning. But we all know that for coffee brewing, there is not only a filter hanging bag to choose from. Come and see what other brewing options you have for a cup of strong coffee while camping!

Korffe Drip Bag Coffee In Camping
Korffe Drip Bag Coffee In Camping
  1. Convenient sealing ear bag
    This may be the most convenient way. Not only can ear bags be easily bought in major convenience stores, but you can even grind the beans at home and put them in and take them with you. After getting up in the morning at the camp, there is no need to adjust the coarse and fine grinding of beans or pay attention to the water temperature in a confused situation. Boil a pot of hot water to start your day. The design of the small package of the ear bag even allows you to drink a cup of Ou while hiking!
Enjoy camping easy drip coffee bag | Mr.Korffe
Enjoy camping easy drip coffee bag | Mr.Korffe
  1. French filter press pot
    Using a French filter press is also very simple, making your morning extra relaxing. It is also simple to boil a pot of hot water, pour the prepared coffee powder into the filter press pot, and you will be able to enjoy your coffee soon. Regarding the French filter press pot, there is also a small profit. When it comes to camping equipment, we who are pursuing functionality should be happy to know that the French press can also be used to make tea. Tea and coffee in one pot!
  1. Special coffee enjoyment group for brewing
    Please refer to the picture below, the integrated design is very convenient. One is perfectly combined with the stove, the stove frame and the filter paper hole. It can be used as a cooking hob when not brewing coffee. The design of the module is absolutely everyone’s favorite. Put them all together! Never bring any less equipment!
  1. Have a cup of espresso
    A cup of espresso in the wilderness? This may sound absurd, but it is not out of reach. There are many solutions on the market that can achieve espresso outdoors. Although the designs of these products are somewhat different, they all use the same concept. Use a small or electric device to squeeze and extract a cup of espresso you love. You can enjoy a cup of pure espresso without a high-pressure coffee machine. At the same time, the coffee fat really makes people happy and crazy!
  1. The ultimate solution for freshly ground coffee
    How is a cup of coffee made? Start by grinding coffee beans into coffee powder. At this time, you need a grinder with a handle (we all admit that the handle is much easier to use). After grinding the coffee powder you love, you need a filter cup or filter paper next. After loading the filter paper on the coffee cup, it is brewed with hot water. How many appliances are needed for these simple 3 steps? Remember what was mentioned earlier? Isn’t camping the pursuit of a function? Is there such a product that can combine the grinder, filter cup and coffee cup? The voices of everyone have been heard! There really is such an ultimate solution for freshly ground coffee. In fact, the concept is very simple, just make three things together! Why did we not expect it? Forget it, have a cup of coffee first!
    After watching so many good coffee solutions for camping, does it tick your heart? In fact, these solutions are also a great way to brew at home! Hurry up and see what you are missing, don’t hesitate, hurry up and brew your first cup of coffee today!

Stay home to avoid the epidemic and enjoy the time of coffee

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In the days when evacuated at home, I can no longer travel and eat as I want, and even the leisure time of wandering in the coffee shop, sighing, chatting, and reading a book becomes hard to find. The “400 times coffee”, which is popular in the early days, stirs sugar and instant coffee powder to create coffee foam, and it also brings up the nostalgia for cafe time in my heart. I’m tired of drinking heavy sugar milk. In fact, black coffee brewed with fine coffee beans already contains rich and varied flavors, reminiscent of the fragrance of flowers, sweet and sour fruits and nuts, and even the richness of the wine. Some baristas carefully make drip bags (hanging ear bags) for online shopping and delivery, and some baristas take pictures to teach hand-punching so that people can enjoy coffee time without leaving home.

Pour over drip bag coffee | Mr.Korffe
Pour over drip bag coffee | Mr.Korffe

Consolation for the soul-Austrian poet Peter Altenberg “I am not in a café, or on the way to a café.” Tao loves to linger in the hearts of the café people, but the epidemic makes people stay home and have no utensils. It’s time to make a cup of specialty coffee “Drip bag” comforts the soul so that everyone can drink from home.
“The epidemic has made me discover that the demand for brewing coffee at home is greater than I thought. I have been in the coffee industry for many years. There are more people who buy in-house or take-out coffee on weekdays, but recently many people may work from home, and coffee beans are selling quickly. .”

The barista comes into contact with all kinds of people every day, hears and sees the social situation, and has social responsibility in his heart. In late June, the new crown pneumonia continued to spread, and multiple new diagnoses were added every day. The Coffee Shop Owner said: “At that time, we decided to only supply coffee in takeaway cups. We were also struggling, worried that it would affect the taste and lose customers, but I think The coffee shop’s statement can help everyone raise awareness of epidemic prevention.” He hopes that when customers drink coffee in their hands, they can evoke a message that they still need to be alert when they remember that they are currently in the epidemic.

Hiking and sighing for a cup of coffee
Many customers are affected by the epidemic and work from home, so there are a lot of orders for drip bags. The brewing method is simple, even if there is no brewing equipment at home, they can brew a unique flavor. “Frankly speaking, I didn’t have a preference for drip bags before. I felt that coffee beans were always pre-ground and were not fresh. I was always lacking the motivation to try. Later, I didn’t bring thermometers, electronic scales, and other equipment. I only brought drip bags. The tumbler (accompanying cup) and the hot water bottle were rushed out to drink a very pleasant berry flavor. It was delicious. I realized that the drip bag also has its meaning, so I am more willing to make it.” At present, the drip bag of Artista Perfetto has two combinations. With flavors, one has floral and berry flavors and the other has nutty and chocolate flavors.

The drip bag is a small and square filter bag. The brewing space is limited and the punching method is limited. Therefore, there is no need to pay attention to different brewing gestures and water column strength like hand punching. The punching method is simple, but there are some points to note, Kim said “The first thing is the water temperature. Do not use boiling water. The recommended temperature is about 90 degrees Celsius. I don’t need to measure the temperature specifically. Sometimes I get up in the morning to boil the water first, and then brush my teeth and wash my face for about 5 minutes. The water has cooled down slightly. It can be used for brewing. Next is to choose a taller cup, because a shorter cup will make the bottom of the drip bag soak for a long time, and the taste will be bitter and the flavor level will be less.” In addition, the water injection method will also affect the coffee. For the concentration, he recommends pouring water vertically into the center of the powder layer. If you want a richer flavor, you can inject water for the second time after each pouring of water and after the coffee, liquid flows to the next cup. In this case, it is about 4 to 5 times to 200 to 200. 240 ml serving size.

Instant Coffee | Mr.Korffe
Instant Coffee | Mr.Korffe

Vertical water injection-It is recommended to inject water vertically into the center of the coffee powder layer. The impact of the water column will make the powder layer roll, making it easier to achieve uniform extraction.
Grind and pay attention to details, seal, and package as soon as possible to preserve flavor
The drip bag, which seems to be easy to brew, is made with great attention to detail. “Since the coffee beans are ground, the flavor will gradually be lost, so they must be sealed and packaged immediately after grinding to minimize the time the coffee powder is exposed to air. In order to maintain the flavor. As for the density, thickness, and shape of the selected filter bag material, the flow rate and flavor will be affected. Nowadays, if the filter bag made in Japan is selected, the coffee will be stronger and more flavorful. More concentrated, thicker body (mellowness). “

Washing the ear bag and hand punching are two different things. It only needs to be convenient and easy to wash the ear bag. It is not the same if you think too much. If you have a hand grinder or electric grinder at home, you can also have plenty of time for Hand punch. “Hand brewing is a completely different experience. Enjoy the process of brewing, and then you will slowly taste the changes in the flavor of coffee at different temperatures. It is a process of stress relief or healing.”

10 methods to make high-grade instant coffee

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The coffee family must learn 10 methods to make high-grade instant coffee

At the beginning last year, I can still bring Starbucks into the office, but start of covid-19, I can only drink a cup of instant coffee at home/ office. Well, some people may save money because of instant coffee, but in fact, the reason why more people like to drink is because instant coffee has the most flexible taste choices and can be adjusted according to their own preferences. Today Sayuri is going to teach you 10 tips on how to make instant coffee more delicious. When the boss is not paying attention, I will go to the pantry to experiment!

GV0log3Uft2cy0aWVWvLvYWUk3wD4xvK75SLupuCVwCusAJhVXuGCkEXo7Ak32Dycf9kV6bvjPlNLEqDujMEQwpnPfEDWSYsVpHCyeC195tMRRqu3Bn ybN3a cgcTBNHbmVZug

  1. The water temperature is controlled between 80 and 90 degrees: theoretically higher than this temperature will make the coffee taste bitter, if it is too low, the sourness and bitterness of coffee will be brewed. But if you like to drink certain flavors of sour, you can adjust it yourself based on this.

2. Put it in a microwave oven to warm it up: It’s already brewed with hot water, why do you want to warm it up? The answer is to make the molecules of coffee powder more active, and to drink more flavorful.

3. First add a small cup of hot water to dissolve, and then fill the cup: I wonder if the acid people have such experience? The hot water was added urgently and hot until the water filled the cup, but there was still a pile of undissolved powder on the water? It is recommended to add a small cup of hot water and stir evenly, and then inject appropriate water.

4. Grasp the golden ratio: The All Japan Coffee Association recommends mastering the golden ratio “for every small teaspoon of coffee powder, add 140-150cc of hot water.” Of course, I like to drink light or strong sour, which can be adjusted slightly according to the taste.


5. Stir-fry on low heat for 30 seconds: In this way, the aroma and concentration of instant coffee powder can be improved. As long as 30 seconds, it will be useless if it is burnt.

6. Choose instant coffee with larger grains: The large grains here do not require you to take micro-ground coffee beans, which can’t be brewed. What I’m talking about here is that if conditions permit, try not to use instant coffee powder that advertises that it can be brewed directly with ice water. This should be combined with the previous point, because the coffee powder with too small particles is easier to fry with a small fire, and the aroma is not easy to preserve. On the contrary, after such a stir, the taste of the brewed coffee is bland.

7LtIxBI46tFnyWdTZe7z5w0o48IORfrvdoH9tppWDQEwonKIo16kZ9V3XyHse6nA38boU1L2fPnsvRKgeaw4ACHYJljaFcKk1hR93q6K44R4cTux1EmRlBt LS97oraWyQW133A

7. Adding salt: This comes from the habit of the Arabs to drink coffee. Compared with sugar, a little bit of salt harmonizes the sourness of coffee and makes the taste more smooth.

8. Add a small cup of barley tea: Want to drink sweeter, but don’t want to just add sugar and creamer? Try adding a little barley tea! In addition, because instant coffee is prone to lose its flavor after being soaked for a long time, adding barley tea can not only enhance the sweetness, but also help retain the aroma.

AnsBSG3AMS4HEoLFep3ros02C39PMI XBdJQ7 0goTzn4ltM zlYgfxfjd0vbVXgSlokzNJgAolsqFTspTCY8WQOKaeiRrrRtCW81pBBt aZK7GvecpC4WJxtjJx

9. Add flavor: adding milk candy, marshmallows, or even crushing the unfinished Oreo into it will make the coffee flavor full of layers.

10. Keep it properly: The last and most important point, don’t think that the instant coffee powder has an outer packaging, so you can put it arbitrarily. It is recommended to find an airtight jar or put it in a cool place. Do not let the coffee powder get damp or exposed to the sun. .

Coffee Bean Knowledge

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Coffee beans must be learned: basic knowledge


What is the key to a good cup of coffee? Good brewing skills and equipment are indispensable, but high-quality coffee beans are the most important element. Have no idea about coffee beans, or are you often confused by a bunch of coffee terms? It doesn’t matter. In the following article, we will introduce important knowledge about coffee beans in the most simple and understandable way.

Good coffee is only with high-quality coffee beans

Drinking coffee is already an indispensable enjoyment. More and more people choose to make coffee at home, not only for interest but also for better coffee quality. If you have already or are planning to do this, the first thing you must know is: good coffee comes from high-quality coffee beans.
This principle is the same as most food. A stale fish, no matter how gorgeous it is cooked, is certainly not very delicious, but a fresh fish steamed with ginger is very delicious. Coffee is the same. Poor quality coffee beans can’t be saved even with the best brewing skills or equipment. They are destined to only make bad coffee.
So, what are high-quality coffee beans? Recall that you have drunk coffee that you found to be good. It probably has two characteristics. The first is the charming aroma and the second is the good taste. Different types of coffee beans have different tastes. Of course, different people have different personal preferences, but the so-called high-quality coffee beans are to retain the aroma and taste of the coffee as much as possible and emit them in the final brewing.

The aroma of coffee comes from coffee roasting

The aroma and taste of coffee are produced after roasting. During the roasting process, the moisture of the green coffee beans is slowly released, the weight is reduced, the color is darkened, the volume expands, and the aroma-containing oil is slowly released. In addition, the large amount of chlorogenic acid originally contained in green beans will gradually disappear with the baking process, releasing good-smelling fruit acid, and its taste varies with the length of baking time. In the picture below, you can see the change in the shape of the coffee beans during roasting.


The details of roasting will be detailed later. What you have to know is that the special flavor of coffee is roasted, which is related to how to choose good coffee beans next.

Coffee beans V.S. coffee powder


After deciding to make your own coffee, the first choice you face when buying coffee is whether to buy whole coffee beans or ground coffee beans. Excluding other personal equipment and time factors, our recommendation is only one: buy coffee beans, just buy coffee beans.
Of course, there are reasons for such a firm recommendation. Remember what we said earlier? The aroma of coffee comes from the roasted oil, which is sealed in the pores in the coffee beans. After grinding, the aroma and oil begin to volatilize, and the flavor of the final brewed coffee is naturally greatly reduced.
In addition, the area of ​​the powder in contact with the air increases, and it is prone to moisture or deterioration. Under the same conditions, coffee beans can be stored nearly twice as long as coffee powder.
The only advantage of coffee powder is its convenience, especially if you always oversleep in the morning and don’t have time to grind coffee slowly, or you haven’t bought a tool for grinding beans, coffee powder can let you quickly enjoy a good cup of coffee. If you decide to buy a coffee powder, then we have the following two suggestions: (1) buy the amount for about two weeks at a time, preserve the flavor as much as possible, and (2) store the coffee powder in a good airtight jar.

Is it troublesome to grind beans by yourself? It’s actually fun and can maintain the flavor!

Coffee beans are the most complete form of coffee flavor preservation and ensure the freshness and original flavor of the coffee. Some manufacturers mix coffee from different sources in the same packet of coffee powder, and it is difficult for consumers to ensure the source of coffee.
Although grinding beans is also a great knowledge, believe us, once you start grinding beans by yourself, you will never go back to the days of coffee powder. It is definitely a great pleasure of self-made coffee to try the different flavors of different powder thicknesses after brewing.

The best taste period of coffee


Do you still read the shelf life on the package before buying coffee? We want to tell you another important thing: the best taste period of coffee is not equal to the shelf life, you should pay attention to the roasting time.
The roasting date of coffee beans represents the freshness. Usually, fresh coffee beans roasted within 2-3 days are a good choice. However, fresh roasting and buying is not actually the best time for beans to taste the best. In addition to the smoke and the smell of the beans during roasting, coffee beans will continue to spit out nitrogen dioxide for about 48 hours after they are roasted. (Exhaust), so the coffee beans are brewed immediately after roasting, but the flavor is not good.
It is recommended to buy coffee beans for about 2 weeks at a time. The coffee beans stored indoors are also recommended to be used after 2 weeks when the flavor is the best and most fragrant.

Types of coffee beans

Robusta-Arabica-bean 阿拉比卡羅布斯塔

Arabica (Arabica): expensive, soft taste, low caffeine

Coffee advertisements often emphasize that they use 100% Arabica coffee. Yes, if you look at the price alone, Arabica is indeed more advanced. Generally, the price of Arabica coffee beans is twice that of Robusta.
In terms of ingredients, Arabica has a low caffeine content (0.9-1.2%), a fat content of 60% more than Robusta, and a sugar content that is twice. Therefore, in combination, the taste of Arabica is relatively sweet. , Soft, with a plum-like sour taste.
In addition, the chlorogenic acid of Arabica is lower (5.5-8%), and chlorogenic acid is not only an antioxidant but also an important component to resist pests. Therefore, Arabica is more susceptible to pests and climate. , Generally planted at higher altitudes, the fruit is less and slower. The fruit is oval.
Currently, the largest growing country of Arabica is Brazil, and Colombia only produces Arabica coffee.
Robusta: cheap, bitter taste, high caffeine
In contrast, Robusta, which has higher caffeine (1.6-2.4%) and lower fat and sugar content, has a bitter and stronger taste, and some people even say that it has a rubbery taste.
Robusta has a high content of chlorogenic acid (7-10%) and is not easily affected by pests and climate. Generally, it is planted at a low altitude and produces many fruits, and is fast. The fruit is round.
At present, the largest growing country of Robusta is Vietnam, and Africa and India also have production.
Price is not equal to the quality
Because of its low price, Robusta is often mixed with commercially available coffee powder to reduce costs. At present, most of the cheap instant coffees on the market are Robusta, but the price is not equal to the quality. Good quality Robusta beans It is often used in espressos because of its richer crema. Good Robusta tastes even better than poor-quality Arabica beans.
Therefore, the choice between the two coffee beans is mainly based on personal preference. Some people may think that the aroma of Arabica is too strong, while some people like the mellow bitterness of Robusta. The only thing we have to remind is that if you are sensitive to caffeine, you must pay special attention to the caffeine content. Robusta’s caffeine content is twice that of Arabica.
Of course, coffee is not limited to these two varieties. You can also try Java (Java), Kona (Kona), Sumatra (Sumatra), and other varieties to add new flavors to your coffee experience.

What is recommended for coffee beans?


The flavor of coffee beans is affected by the production area, planting, processing, packaging, roasting, and other processes. How to choose good quality coffee beans and how to distinguish the flavor you might like? You have to start with understanding coffee beans.
Coffee flavor
Before getting into the topic, let’s first know a few proper nouns that describe the flavor of coffee:
Acidity: The irritation felt on the edge of the tongue when drinking coffee. It’s not the same as the lemon acid, but the refreshing and hearty feeling that coffee boosts the taste sometimes called brightness. Acidity is a very important characteristic of coffee. Coffee without acidity will taste very flat.
Aroma: The aroma of coffee after brewing is more diverse than the taste that can be felt on the tongue. Adjectives commonly used to describe the aroma of coffee include fruit-like, earthy, smoky, flowery, berries, nuts, etc.
Body: The taste of coffee in the mouth, ranging from light as water or skim milk to thick as milk or cream and syrup.
Aftertaste: Similar to the concept of wine tasting, it refers to the remaining taste in the mouth after the coffee is drunk. Some coffees have an aftertaste of cocoa or chocolate, while others have fruits, berries, nuts, etc.
Balance: This is an evaluation of the overall taste of the coffee. Good coffee beans have a balanced, layered, and soft aroma; bad coffee beans usually only present a single taste.
In addition to the above proper nouns, there are several common adjectives used to describe high-quality coffee:
Mellow: refers to coffee with low to medium acidity and good balance.
Mild: It means that coffee has a harmonious and delicate flavor. It usually refers to high-end South American coffee grown at high altitudes.
Soft: refers to coffee with low acidity and a little sweetness, usually Indonesian coffee.
After knowing the terms that describe the flavor of coffee, let’s take a look at what factors affect the taste of the coffee.

Origin of coffee beans


Coffee veterans know: drinking depends on the year, drinking coffee depends on the origin. The soil, climate, and altitude of the production area are the most fundamental elements that shape the taste of the coffee. Coffee has grown from different origins naturally tastes very different. Below we have compiled for you the coffee flavor characteristics of several major producing areas:
Brazil: Most Robusta is produced, with a strong taste and a chocolate aftertaste. Coffee products in hypermarkets usually come from Brazil.
Central America and Colombia: relatively light taste, good balance, low acidity, fruity aftertaste. More popular in the United States.
Indonesia: There is an earthy aroma of smoky flavor, bitter cocoa aftertaste, and full body.
Ethiopia: The origin of coffee, with high variety. Many are described as syrupy, with a strawberry or blueberry aftertaste.
Kenya: The taste is thick, with a bit of tomato sourness.
Hawaii: sweet, mild, mellow, and soft.

Coffee bean planting and processing process

In addition to the place of origin, the method of coffee bean cultivation (whether it is planted in the shade, organic cultivation, fertilization), and the coffee bean picking process (whether the working conditions of the farmworkers allow them to have good working quality) also affect the taste of the coffee. A good coffee plant may also produce bad beans.
The post-harvest processing of coffee beans is also very important. There are three common post-processing methods: sun exposure, water washing, and honey processing. The sun-dried coffee beans have a rich fruit aroma, sweet aftertaste, and high mellowness. The washed coffee beans have fruity or floral aromas, moderate acidity, and low mellowness. The aftertaste of honey-treated coffee beans is sweeter, fruity, and full-bodied.
At present, there are various classification methods in the world according to the size of coffee beans, the quality of post-processing, and the elevation of planting, which can also be used to judge the quality of coffee beans. In addition, some coffee packages have certification labels such as fair trade, sustainable management, organic cultivation, and high altitude. The quality of most coffee beans with these labels is not bad. Although some proofs may not be directly related to quality, they indicate that these coffee beans have been carefully processed.

Preservation of green coffee beans

Green coffee beans are very stable before roasting and can be stored for one year under good conditions. But if it is placed in a place with high humidity, bacteria may be produced, and the coffee beans will also be contaminated with a bad taste in the air.
It is worth mentioning that the so-called “aged” refers to coffee beans that are stored in the low-humidity and high-altitude environment of the place of origin, and are regularly kept fresh to cultivate a particularly fragrant taste. The coffee beans taste good, but they are also expensive. The coffee beans stocked in general warehouses are not old beans, don’t be fooled.

Coffee roasting


The roasting time of the beans will affect the appearance and taste. The simplest way of judging is that the longer the beans are roasted, the less sour and the less caffeine. Below we briefly list the coffee flavors produced by different roasting times for your reference.
Light roast: It has a strong green grass flavor and lacks an aroma, so it is rarely used for tasting.
Cinnamon roast: High acidity, slightly aromatic, often used to brew American coffee.
Medium roast: The taste is sour and bitter, the aroma is moderate, and the original flavor of coffee beans is retained. It is often used to make American coffee or blended coffee.
High roast: rich taste, balanced acidity, and bitterness, slightly sweet, with good aroma and flavor.
City roast: The acidity is lower than that of the medium-deep roast. It perfectly shows the flavor of the coffee. It is the standard roasting level and is most popular with the general public.
Full city roast: The bitterness is stronger than the sour taste, the aftertaste is sweet, and the aroma is full. It is mostly used to make iced coffee or black coffee.
French roast: strong bitterness, strong taste, no sour taste, with a smoky aroma.
Italian roast: The beans have a shiny surface, a strong bitterness, and a burnt taste. They are mainly used to make espresso.
From the above introduction, you can get the basic knowledge of identifying coffee beans and find out the taste you like by actually tasting different coffee bean flavors. After reading this article, congratulations on stepping into the world of coffee. Let us repeat it again, good coffee beans are the beginning of a good cup of coffee.