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Korffe hand pour-over drip bag coffee post. Publish about coffee knowledge as coffee beans, origin, taste. Best way guide to make about brewing coffee, pour-over coffee, Make an instant coffee, drip bag coffee. Talk about equipment for coffee: coffee grinder, coffee kettle, coffee machine.

Pocky New Match

There are many choices of ingredients in the world, and the matching is also ever-changing. Many brands will engage in Crossover to bring guests full of fresh cuisine. It seems that Japan’s Pocky has cooperated with KIRIN afternoon black tea to launch banana chocolate and Acai Berry cheese tea flavors respectively. It is recommended to…

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Let’s Make A Dalgona coffee

Do you know Dalgona coffee? Let’s make a dalgona coffee. It is a drink made by putting fluffy whipped coffee on milk. “Dalgona” is a sugar confectionery like honeycomb toffee sold at Korean food stalls. The name comes from the fact that it tastes and looks similar to Dalgona. In the climate of stay home,…

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10 magical effects of coffee grounds

used coffee grounds | Mr.Korffe Modern people love to drink coffee, whether it is hand-made or coffee machine, there will always be a lot of coffee grounds after drinking. Foreign media reported that the dried coffee grounds have many uses, such as removing stubborn dirt, deodorizing, dehumidifying, repelling insects, and exfoliating. After the coffee grounds…

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