Hang ear pour over drip coffee

Korffe hand pour over drip bag coffee post . Publish about coffee knowledge as coffee beans , origin, taste . Best way guide to make about brewing coffee , pour over coffee , Make a instant coffee , drip bag coffee . Talk about equipment about coffee : coffee grinder , coffee kettle , coffee machine.

Let’s Make A Dalgona coffee

Do you know Dalgona coffee? Let’s make a dalgona coffee . It is a drink made by putting fluffy whipped coffee on milk. “Dalgona” is a sugar confectionery like honeycomb toffee sold at Korean food stalls. The name comes from the fact that it tastes and looks similar to Dalgona. In the climate of stay…

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10 magical effects of coffee grounds

Modern people love to drink coffee, whether it is hand-made or coffee machine, there will always be a lot of coffee grounds after drinking. Foreign media reported that the dried coffee grounds have many uses, such as removing stubborn dirt, deodorizing, dehumidifying, repelling insects, and exfoliating. After the coffee grounds are dried, they are actually…

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A guide to the role of a coffee shop

A guide to the role of a coffee shop, what kind of role are you in? Sniff the fragrance of coffee, settle yourself in a calm afternoon, paired with sweet and delicious muffins or cakes, let people get spiritual sublimation in the coffee shops in the corners and alleys. I don’t know if you have…

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5 ways to brew super simple coffee in camping

Coffee is fragrant and super healing, five ways to brew super simple coffee in camping! korffe camper logo photo | Mr.Korffe Have a good cup of coffee while camping!No matter where you are, the smell of coffee in the morning is always fascinating. I don’t know when I started to yearn for a cup of…

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10 methods to make high-grade instant coffee

The coffee family must learn 10 methods to make high-grade instant coffee At the beginning last year, I can still bring Starbucks into the office, but start of covid-19, I can only drink a cup of instant coffee at home/ office. Well, some people may save money because of instant coffee, but in fact, the…

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Coffee Bean Knowledge

Coffee beans must be learned: basic knowledge What is the key to a good cup of coffee? Good brewing skills and equipment are indispensable, but high-quality coffee beans are the most important element. Have no idea about coffee beans, or are you often confused by a bunch of coffee terms? It doesn’t matter. In the…

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