Delivery Track & Return

Delivery Charge

Worldwide Delivery Charge

+ 100 g $2.06
Maximum 2 KG

Special Announcement
In response to airlines’ reduction or cancellation of flight schedules, postal services of various types of mail will be delayed.

Hong Kong Post Office Mail Tracking

USPS Mail Tracking

Delivery Terms

  1. International buyers, please provide the correct address, the postal code includes the city postal code and the country/region code.
    Please note that a single product that is purchased too much will be defined as a mail business transaction because the product is not a gift. There will be a chance to be rejected by the customs or pay taxes to get customs duties. Shipping costs do not include any additional taxes.
    2. The delivery mail service only provides regular mail or airmail that has been registered or unregistered (for example, DHL/UPS and express mail in future plans). Due to COVID-19, mail services in different countries/regions have been delayed or are still suspended. If there is no airmail, we will choose surface mail. Before ordering, please check the available mail services as shown below.
    4. Please note that the customs of some countries/regions do not allow the import of any food. Before buying, please check whether the import rules are illegal.
    5. Domestic processing is usually mailed within 2 working days after receiving the clearing payment.
    6. Parcel tracking – Please note that some countries/regions may not have parcel tracking capabilities. Use the following methods to check your package
    7. Link
    8. Estimated delivery date-under normal circumstances, the package will be sent within 10-15 working days (airmail). Due to the impact of COVID-19. The actual delivery time will be extended.

Parcel weight & size detail 

  1. The size of the standard messenger box (no more than 30cm X 30cm X 30cm), the maximum weight of each box is 2kg. If it exceeds 2 kg, we will send it separately in 2 packages.
  2. The airmail registration service is only supported in the following countries/regions:

United States, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Other countries/regions may only support unregistered mail.

Payment of taxes 

  1. JPfoodstore only responds to express delivery costs. The customs of some countries/regions need to pay import taxes before going ashore. Customers need to pay clear taxes at your post office or government office to complete the delivery.

Steps to claim for missing items or missing packages

  1. Item less pick, please email confirm with photos (photo include our post label).
  2. Loss parcel check by post office or courier.
  3. Redelivery or refund.

Refund and return policy

1. Open food or exchange food is not accepted.

2.  Refund only for lost delivery or less picking item.


International Parcel Shipment

If the condition is not good when the customer receives the package. Please understand that our company has no control over the processing in the express mail service. We must keep in good condition before mailing.
Regarding this situation, please understand that this is not in our refund policy.