Drip Coffee


Mr.Korffe – best pour-over Japan drip coffee bag, you only need to pay attention to a few tricks to make coffee more fragrant and delicious!
Let’s look at some small details that might be misunderstood:
How much coffee does a bag of hanging ear bags fit?

In recent years, the follicular ear bag that everyone is more and more familiar with is actually a patent invented by the Japanese. Put the coffee powder into the filter bag and hang the splints on both sides of the cup. Even at home, you can drink freshly brewed coffee.
It is recommended to brew about 200cc of 10g coffee powder to get a softer flavor. It can be increased or decreased according to personal taste. If you consume too much, in addition to the weaker coffee, it is easy to remove the bad taste.
Some people think that the longer the brewing time, the stronger the flavor, but too long a brewing time will easily extract too much unpleasant flavor and wash away impurities in the coffee beans. It is recommended that when the amount of water is reached, stop adding water and let the coffee powder soak for about 30 seconds, you can make a rich and delicious coffee!
Do not rinse the brewed ear bags again, otherwise, you will only drink poor quality coffee due to excessive extraction.
So which country is the best drip coffee? Let’s take a look at our drip coffee bags for you to choose from.

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