House Brand Drip Coffee

Want to drink a cup of fragrant coffee while traveling? This requires hanging ear coffee, which is a kind of freshly ground coffee that can be brewed and enjoyed immediately. The ground coffee powder is sealed and packaged, and then the coffee is brewed through the original method of dripping. The taste of hanging ear coffee is very original, it completely retains the sour, bitter, and mellow taste of coffee, which is suitable for people who like very strong coffee taste. Hanging ear coffee can be drunk with boiling water when drinking. Sugar or milk needs to be added twice as much as you like. Coffee powder is also purely natural. It is very suitable to be enjoyed at home or in the office.

Order Mr. Korffe’s own brand of drip coffee set, a box of 6 types of self-designed and packaged specialty coffee. Select medium to deeply roasted coffee beans with different national flavors, and ground coffee powder to make hanging ear coffee, which is convenient to carry. It can be enjoyed in the office, on outdoor travel or camping, or at home.

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