Japan Sumikko Gurashi Figure

Japan Sumikko Gurashi Figure – Popular in recent years has been translated as Friends of the Corner and Creatures of the Corner. “すみ” means “corner”. Every character in this series likes to nest in a corner. As long as they lean against the wall, they feel safe. Usually hiding in a corner always gives a stereotype of being marginalized and neglected, but “Friends in the Corner” is portrayed as healing and endearing even when hiding in dark corners. As early as 2012, designer Heng created a small creature character for San-X who likes to hide in the corner, and launched the first batch of goods, from then on, the corner creature Sumikko Gurashi was born! Sumikko Gurashi means “living in the corner”, Chinese translation for “creature in the corner” or “partner in the corner”, is a group of anthropomorphic animals and objects (such as white bears, pork cutlets, wild grass, etc.). wait). The corner creature characters are divided into Sumikko (children) and Minikko (children). Sumikko is the main character of white bear, penguin, lizard, tonkatsu and more. He is introverted and a little melancholy. He has the common denominator of being abandoned or forgotten. He can feel at ease only by staying in a corner; Minikko characters such as Bu are outgoing, energetic, and even have lofty ideals. Japan Sumikko Gurashi Figure illustration.

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