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5 Japanese cup noodles

Recommend 5 Japanese cup noodle recipes . Although the taste of cup noodles is increasing, it still fails to satisfy a group of Japanese netizens.
There are many cup noodle recipes circulating , and the editor has selected 5 ingredients to highlight!

[1] Milk: The noodle soup is super rich

Netizens recommend using milk instead of hot water to soak cup noodles, which will make the noodle soup richer. Even netizens said,
If added to seafood-flavored cup noodles, it tastes like seafood chowder. Recommended by netizens, milk cooperates
Cup noodles with seafood flavor or curry flavor are the most delicious. Some netizens recommend a more convenient method
Method, after making the cup noodles, add evaporated milk for coffee, it will instantly become a rich soup base.

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【2】Tomato: It is Italian style

Some netizens suggested on Twitter that adding cherry tomatoes to seafood cups is like going to the sun
Plenty of places to enjoy lunch. The easy way is to add a little bit to the cup noodles after soaking
ketchup. Some netizens even pointed out that seafood noodles became Italian style immediately after adding tomato flavor.
, The taste is instantly improved.

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【3】Eggs: Cup Noodle Sukiyaki

There are many ways to eat eggs, and there is more than one way to add cup noodles. The easiest way is
When making noodles, add an egg, or after making noodles, add raw eggs. another
The more advanced way of eating is to beat an egg and put a little soy sauce in it, just like eating sukiyaki
Similarly, dip the noodles in egg syrup and eat it, it will be delicious!

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【4】Cheese Lo Mein

Cheese, an evil ingredient, of course became one of the recommended ingredients. Put the sliced ​​cheese layer by layer
In the cup noodles, the half-melted cheese with the noodles immediately becomes the cheese lo noodles. According to Japan Net
People experience, curry or chili tomato flavor cup noodles, the most magical cheese!

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[5] Mayonnaise: the favorite of Japanese netizens

Those familiar with Japanese food culture will know that Japanese people like to add to different dishes or food
Add mayonnaise. When it comes to cup noodle ingredients, there must be mayonnaise. Some netizens even point out that “mayonnaise
It is a standard ingredient! “The method is also very simple, just add your favorite mayonnaise and soak
In the cup of noodles, you will have a milk-like taste. What this food law netizen recommends most is cooperation
Cup noodles with seafood, curry or chilli tomato flavor.

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