Japanese Pocky

Japanese Pocky , Glico – Strawberry Flavor Pretz – Strawberry is the perfect combination of biscuit and strawberry snack, you can taste the rich aroma of strawberry from the first bite to the last bite . Glico Heartful Cherry Heart Pretz – Sweet and sour cherries blend in with chocolate, with a heart-shaped Pretz, a girl’s heart is cute and bursting! Glico – PRETZ Mystery Magic Milk Flavor – This is a special milk flavor, if you eat it with other flavors of Sticks , it will produce a new and different flavor, it feels like magic. The most classic and best-selling crispy stick biscuits wrapped in rich chocolate chocolate is fragrant but not too sweet, classic best-selling popular undefeated snacks

Japanese Pocky | Sakura Matcha | Almond Crush | cherry
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