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3 Cool Lipton Drinks

3 Cool Lipton Drinks

In the high temperature in summer, homemade a cup of ice-cool Lipton drinks fruit tea is just right for appetizing and moisturizing. Adjectives such as scorching heat, a sultry heat, and high temperature are generally closely related to summer. After all, there is no season of the year that is so hot as summer. I looked forward to summer when I didn’t come, and when it really came, I realized how hard summer is. However, the hot climate also presents a large number of the most delicious drinks that can only be enjoyed in summer. Sweet and sour fruit teas are among them! - Lipton Tea Bag _1

Summer is the season for a large number of fruits to be on the market. The iced fruit alone makes people want to eat it alone. It is also mixed with fragrant tea. The two combine to form a delicious fruit tea that makes people feel refreshing, no matter whether it is sweet or sour. The delicious passionate pineapple nectar or the sweet tomato peaches are both unstoppable. One cup after another, if you can really want to drink it every day! - Lipton Tea Bag _2

In fact, as long as you make it at home, you can drink it every day. Each fruit has its own method. As long as the method is obtained, you can basically make a good fruit tea. The following is a super simple fruit tea method, which is appetizing and moisturizing. Don’t miss it!

Ingredients: two bags of black tea, a cup of boiled water, a passion fruit, a scoop of sugar, half an apple, half a lemon, half an orange, half a mango, half a kiwi fruit, appropriate amount of pineapple, appropriate amount of watermelon

practice: - Lipton Tea Bag _3
  1. Two packs of Lipton Black Tea, soak in water and set aside;
  2. Soak lemon and orange in water and use a brush to clean the skin;
  3. Add passion fruit and sugar, stir well and set aside, cut or slice the fruit;
  4. After the black tea is brewed, take out the teabag and throw it away. Pour the tea into a glass, intersperse the fruit, arrange the lemon slices, and finally pour the passion fruit. Put it in the refrigerator for one hour. The refreshing and sweet fruit tea is ready. ! If you like to eat ice, you can also prepare a few ice cubes into it!

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