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Pocky New Match

There are many choices of ingredients in the world, and the matching is also ever-changing. Many brands will engage in Crossover to bring guests full of fresh cuisine. It seems that Japan’s Pocky has cooperated with KIRIN afternoon black tea to launch banana chocolate and Acai Berry cheese tea flavors respectively. It is recommended to eat Pretz first and then drink tea. It is said that after 30 seconds, people will feel like going to Hawaii, believe it or not. . Moreover, the tea bottle and Pretz box are all designed in Hawaiian style, so you can mix and match it yourself, which is quite enjoyable.

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The milk ice cream is supported by a few sticks of snack “Pretz”, and a large group of pink marshmallows are placed on it, just like a hot air balloon flying into the sky. The ice cream is topped with fruity syrup, so sweet!

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There are also 3 cute little cones, Pretz, Popcorn, and Mixed Nuts. They are colorful, exquisite and compact. They are definitely the favorite of fairies~

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You can’t imagine the taste, appearance or imagination from the name. It is made according to the new ideas of high school students-the sweetness of soft ice cream and the salty Ekisoba soup noodle, plus the cheese flavored Britz, which is sweet Salty and full of creativity.

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