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Product Code : HKCN-02522

Product : Hong Kong Doll Fried Noodle Shioyaki Beef Karubi Flavour

Brand : Doll

Packing : 1 pc

Weight : 108g

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Hong Kong Doll Fried Noodle Shioyaki Beef Karubi Flavour

It’s freezing in winter, so it’s OK to be hungry soon after dinner? Don’t be afraid, Cally has a good introduction. The King of Fried Noodles with Dolls has launched a brand new “Yakisoba Flavor”. Everyone can enjoy the taste of Japanese yakiniku restaurants. Cally tried it. There is really a kind of Japanese-style yakiniku restaurant grilling “beef ribs” with the “salt-yaki” cooking method, and you will smell the special aroma of strong charcoal smoke. You are not right. And the family’s cold weather, it’s best to follow the house business, turn on the stove, and then open a “siu-yaki beef rib flavor” fried noodle king, and I will buy a few boxes immediately and return to the house to watch the door. ?

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Weight 108 g


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