Japan Big Tyrolean Hinamatsuri Chocolate

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Product : Japan Big Tyrolean Hinamatsuri Chocolate

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Japan Big Tyrolean Hinamatsuri Chocolate

Hina Matsuri (ひなまつり) is a festival for Japanese girls on March 3 each year, also known as the Doll Festival, Shangsi Festival, Hina Matsuri Festival, and Peach Blossom Festival. On the day of Hina Matsuri, parents will set up a stepped display stand for their daughters, from top to bottom, displaying dolls wearing kimonos. This kind of dolls are called Hina Ningyo in Japan. After New Year’s Day, there is an important festival for Japanese girls. The Tyrolean Chocolate Company of Japan will release “limited chocolates” full of creativity and packaging ideas every year. This time it is able to transform the outer packaging. , Put the Tyroya chocolate packed in the doll, it becomes a simple doll table! Delicious and fun~ The packaging is also quite cute!

In the Heian period of Japan, influenced by the customs of the “Send of Evil Ship” and “Mixed Water Flowing Goblets” on the Shangmi Festival (March 3) of the Tang Dynasty in Japan, people used paper to make human shapes to express their discomfort and transferred them to the human shape, and then put them into the river. go. The Japanese literature in 1544 has recorded the celebration of the festival in March, but it did not mention the Hinamatsuri, only peach blossom wine, wormwood sticky cake, etc., which did not appear in the imperial palace until 1629. Only in the second half of the century began to become popular in the market. Now some places in Japan still maintain this custom of Hinamatsuri, and all kinds of humanoid dolls are floated along the river that night, praying for health and safety.

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