Japan Blendy Drip Coffee Rich Blend


Product Code : JDC-95596

Product : Japan Blendy Drip Coffee Rich Blend

Brand : Blendy

Origin : Japan

Packing : 8pc x 1

Weight  : 60g

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Japan Blendy Drip Coffee Rich Blend

Fragrant aroma, full-bodied, crisp aftertaste. The mixture with rich bitterness and subtle sweetness is perfect for milk

Coffee beans (producing countries of green coffee beans: Ethiopia, Tanzania, etc.)

●Please prepare about 180ml of hot water for one cup. ●Cut along the “dotted line at the bottom of the drill arrow”. ●Pinch the bottom of the hook, pull it to the left and right, and place it on the edge of the cup. ●Pour a small amount of hot water into the powder, steam for about 20 seconds, then slowly pour the hot water in 2 or 3 portions

Concentration: 3
Acidity: 4
Bitterness: 2
Fusion: 3
(Baking taste is darker and reddish)

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Weight 60 g