Japan Bourbon Hokkido Mini Banana Chocolate


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Product : Japan Bourbon Hokkido Mini Banana Chocolate

Brand : Bourbon

origin : Japan

Packing : 1 pc

Weight : 46g

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Japan Bourbon Hokkido Mini Banana Chocolate

🔸Product introduction
🍌Banana Chocolate Perfect Match Limited Edition🍌

I love banana,  banana love me
With crispy biscuits
It’s delicious, I can’t stop it💗

It’s as popular as strawberries
Banana is a good friend of chocolate, with crispy and crunchy biscuits
It tastes like a wonderful blend
You can make a pilgrimage to Japan without going abroad

Luxurious and delicious is for you to savor carefully
I can’t help but take a bite when I get it. The banana is full of aroma.

Wafers with super-rich filling and a sweet taste of bananas. Osei😋😋

Piece by piece, you will eat up a box if you are not careful
The first choice to bring to a picnic 💕
Come try it
Share with your good sisters to eat together
Afternoon tea, party, snacks, this is him

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Weight 42 g