Japan edamame non-fried pop sticks

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Product Code : JPC-18152

Product : Japan edamame non-fried pop sticks

Brand : Ginbis

Origin : Japan

Packing : 4pc x 1

Weight : 52g

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Japan edamame non-fried pop sticks

Summer is going to have a beer🍺
If you have beer, you need to go with the wine
Limited period of time “Must eat, eat”
Just looking at the packaging is enough to make you swallow your mouth 💧
This adult-flavored biscuit is definitely to try
I can smell it in Kaifeng
The fragrance floats up
Stick-shaped biscuit body adds layers
The perfect combination of aroma and garlic
It has a better taste and taste when chewing
The good show is in the back, the aroma of the beans is more obvious the more you chew
And it also has the taste of a little stick bean itself
And the more I eat, the more I can’t stop
Sure enough, it’s adult’s taste~
This wine pairing is really suitable~~~

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Weight 52 g