Japan Fujiya Milky Peko Candy


Product Code : JC-27620

Product : Japan Fujiya Milky Peko Candy

Brand : Fujiya

Origin : Japan

Packing : 1 pc

Weight : 118g

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Japan Fujiya Milky Peko Candy

Peko Classic Square Jar

2. The milk sugar is rich and delicious.

3. Practical tank type is worth collecting

4. Tin size: about 9.8*7.8*2.0cm

Candy bought just for storage🍬,

I like Fujika sister, I hope it tastes delicious ❤️,

just buy it to enrich the candy box, the classic character of Fujika Peko ,

fragrant milk candy ~ small box packaging, for children to eat ~

don’t worry about ingestion Excessive,

it is also very good to send small gifts

Additional information

Weight 118 g

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