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Product : Japan Glico Fresh Cheese Cracker ( Camabert ) 40g

Brand : Glico

Packing : 1pc

Weight : 40g


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Japan Glico Fresh Cheese Cracker ( Camabert ) 40g

Both the flavor and the richness are doubled as cheese!
Many alcohol experts have tasted and certified, and each one is convenient and excellent snacks.
● Cheddar Cheese: The amount of cheese is as high as 53%, and the instant thick and delicious taste bursts in the mouth.
● Camembert cheese: The mellow milky aroma and deliciousness are concentrated on this triangular crisp slice, and the taste of each other with the sweet and sour white wine can make the balance of each other more perfect.
●Smoked cheese: Cheddar cheese and Camembert cheese are smoked together, and the combined layer is complex and charming.
Tips: To improve the delicious way of eating, wrap about 10 slices of cheese shortbread in tin foil and put it in an unpreheated oven for 2 minutes. The delicious and tempting cheese snack will be served.

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