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Product Code : JP-45017

Product : Japan Glico Pejoy Red Wine Chocolate Flavour Pocky

Brand : Glico

Origin : Japan

Packing : 1 pc

Weight : 48 g

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Japan Glico Pejoy Red Wine Chocolate Flavour Pocky

There are many flavors of Pretz biscuit sticks. Recently, Glico’s Pejoy has launched a new flavor: red wine chocolate. Among them, red wine is the most attractive, and it tastes good! It’s worth a try. The taste of red wine chocolate is not common in daily life, so it is the first to win! There are two small bags in a box of Pejoy, a total of 16 pieces. It smells of red wine, but it tastes like a chocolate filling. The taste is quite unique and worth a try!

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Weight 48 g


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