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Product Code : JP-11231

Product : Japan Glico Pocky Sakura Matcha

Brand : Glico

Origin : Japan

Packing : 9pack x 1

Weight : 114 g

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Japan Glico Pocky Sakura Matcha

★POCKY Seasonal Limited Sakura Matcha
The biscuit sticks with the aroma of cherry blossoms and the rich matcha chocolate make you feel the most authentic taste of Japan, the elegant flavor of cherry blossom matcha in season.
👉Every time in the cherry blossom season, Japan has a super many cherry blossom series products, especially food~
👉This is a combination of Japanese cherry blossoms and matcha. It’s really great~ Those who like matcha like the editor really want to try it😘
Contents: 114.3g/bag

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Weight 114 g


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