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Product Code : JP-45697

Product : Japan Glico Sakura Almond Pocky ( Limited Edition )

Brand : Glico

Packing : 1 pc

Weight : 40 g

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Japan Glico Sakura Almond Pocky ( Limited Edition )

How about enjoying cherry blossom-like sweets from now on to the coming spring?
When you open the pouch from the elegant packaging full of cherry blossoms, you will smell the burnt butter of the pretzels! When taking a bite, what is irresistible is the elegant sweetness brought by the cherry-flavored chocolate and the mellow butter flavor.
It also contains cherry blossom leaf extract powder, which gives a slightly salty taste every time you chew, which seems to make cherry-flavored chocolate and butter better. For those who want to enjoy the flavor of sakura while feeling the “Japanese style”

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Weight 40 g


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