Japan Glico Strawberry Pocky 2 Pack ( Frozen II edition )


Product Code : JP-11521

Product : Japan Glico Strawberry Pocky 2 pack ( Frozen II edition )

Brand : Glico

Packing : 2pc x 1

Weight : 52g

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[Cocoa Flavored Pretzels]
Cocoa flavor and moderately sweet chocolate
Very fragrant, crisp, light and shiny texture
[Strawberry Cream]
Sweet and sour delicious love love
Even if the acidity is strong, the fullness of milk and the sweetness of chocolate can be well balanced. Love love
Strawberry dried (candy slices) cereal sour and delicious
These hands are cheap and light, but they don’t look like perfume, but they taste like strawberries. heart
When folded, the crisp sound makes people feel comfortable again; when you chew, it is as fluffy and moist as mousse. flash
Soft taste star
I like this!! !!

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Weight 52 g



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