Japan Gyokuroen Premium Sakura Tea ( Salted sakura ) 

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Product: Japan Gyokuroen Premium Sakura Tea ( Salted sakura )

Brand: Gyokuteon

Origin: Japan

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Japan Gyokuroen Premium Sakura Tea ( Salted sakura )

⚡The tea smells of sweet cherry blossoms
⚡Use domestic black tea (soft aroma and low astringency)
Japan Original World Champion Tea Sakura Tea Bag Sweet Sakura Tea
Domestic sakura tea is super delicious and limited in quantity
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The most common way to eat it is to make sakura tea with salted cherry blossoms. Wash off the surface salt, put the petals into the tea container, as the hot water is poured, the petals float on the water surface, slowly blooming, releasing a faint fragrance, and finally full bloom in the water, every bite, it seems that there are spring cherry blossoms blooming on the tip of the tongue, infinite Feminine. Japanese people like to drink sakura tea on various grand occasions, such as celebrating the New Year, getting a promotion, and getting married. When spring comes, make a cup of cherry tea, maybe you can also use this to wake up the girl who has been sleeping for a long time 💗! tips: When brewing, use transparent glass containers or dark utensils to better appreciate the beauty of cherry blossoms in the water.

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Weight 20 g