Japan Kabaya gummy mix soda candy


Product Code : JC-42759

Product : Japan kabaya Gummy Mix Soda candy

Brand : kabaya

Origin : Japan

Packing : 1 pc

Weight : 42g


In stock


Japan Kabaya gummy mix soda candy


3 flavors in one package


Grapes, oranges, mangoes, honey melons, white grapes❀


Rich in palatability – primary satisfaction of taste buds πŸ‘πŸ‘


* Japan original entrance


β˜… Japanese Factory – KABAYA


β˜… 3 types of synthetic juice and fruit flavored soda sugar


Sweets infused with delicious happiness


β˜… 2 types of fruit flavor with one granule


β˜… 42g small package, individual package, convenient shipping

Additional information

Weight 42 g

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