Japan Kabaya Orange Flavour Gummy


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Product : Japan Kabaya Orange Flavour Gummy

Origin : Japan

packing : 1 cup

Weight : 50g

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Japan Kabaya Orange Flavour Gummy

The gummy candies in a cute canned cup, inside are small orange gummy candies, which are not too hard and not too soft. The texture is moderate and tastes normal orange, and the oblate oranges are wrapped oblately. I thought it was an aluminum can container, but it was a paper instrument. Oranges that are not on aluminum cans.
The hardness is normal, the elasticity is firm, and the overall impression is close to the orange flavor of marshmallow.
Secondly, not only the texture but also the overall taste. The chewy texture that you can feel at the beginning of eating, the elasticity of chewing in the mouth, the toughness of ginkgo that does not disappear immediately, the taste of orange, the smell of orange from the nose after eating, the cute orange comes with pictures and small packaging The soothing appearance. all is well.

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Weight 50 g