Japan Kagoshima Kumquat Tea

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Product : Japan Kagoshima Kumquat Tea

Brand : Imaoka

Origin : Japan

Packing : 6 pc x 1 pack

Weight : 135 g

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Japan Kagoshima Kumquat Tea

Kumquat hot water made from 100% Kagoshima kumquats.
Simple!! Just pour hot water. Body and soul are fluffy♪
● Using whole kumquats (pulp, skin, seeds) from Kagoshima, about 660 mg of vitamin C is mixed in 1 cup.

Since we use a lot of kumquats, please keep it in the refrigerator at home in summer
・Please consume as soon as possible after opening.
・ We use whole kumquat fruits (peel, pulp, seeds). The insoluble matter (yellow, green, brown, black, etc.) in the product comes from kumquat fruit. It is not a foreign object, please rest assured to enjoy it.

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Weight 135 g