Japan KANRO Kyoho Grape Throat Candy


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Product : Japan KANRO Kyoho Grape Throat Candy

Brand : Kanro

Origin : Japan

Packing : 1 pc

Weight : 80g

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Japan KANRO Kyoho Grape Throat Candy

This is super delicious! ! !
Does your throat feel a bit dry? Should I take care of it?
Strictly selected Japanese super-popular limited candies, sweet and sour, happy and delicious, let you try to become a patron
The perfect combination of honey and grapefruit scent, a glutton after a meal will make you refreshing and unburdened
Buy early and enjoy early 🥰🥰🥰

A candy with thick, melted grapes. The soothing personal package with information is also very cute. The peppermint is really just right and gives you a refreshing feeling. It has a sweet and sour grape flavor and a strong juice feel. It is smooth and feels smooth to the touch. It does not look like throat lozenges, you can consume it normally, so I am glad that it is gentle on your throat.

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Weight 80 g