Japan KEY COFFEE DRIP ON Fresh Berry Pocket Aroma

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Product Code : JDC-87975

Product : Japan KEY COFFEE DRIP ON Aroma Pocket Aroma

Brand : Key Coffee

Origin : Japan

Packing : 3pc x 1

Weight : 24 g

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The new product “Aroma Pocket”, this product pays special attention to the aroma of “Drip On”, which is a key coffee that allows you to enjoy authentic coffee easily. It is recommended for those who like light, silky, flowery and gorgeous scent to use “Rich Berry”.
“Rich berries” should be sweets with blueberry jam, or sweet and sour with strawberry jam. Speaking of cheese, you can mix jam with fromage blanc.
“Rich berries” have a fruity aroma, less bitterness and refreshing acidity in the aftertaste.

Sour taste 4/7
Bitterness 3/7
Rich 5/7

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Weight 24 g

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