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Product Code : JPB-77483

Product : Japan Lotte Rich Chocolate Pie

Brand : Lotte

Origin : Japan

packing : 1 box

Weight : 69 g

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Japan Lotte Rich Chocolate Pie

Japan LOTTE Lotte Pie Real Rich Chocolate Melaleuca Pie (Bag)
LOTTE Hot Selling Classic Melaleuca Shortbread Best-selling Star Product
Launched “Dark Chocolate” adult flavor
Unpacking the beautiful brown Melaleuca is beckoning to you~
Full of flavor, both adults and children love it!
Nuts with high-quality dark chocolate
The aroma of 64 layers of crispy pie is full
It has a deep flavor with dark chocolate!
Immortal sweet makes you want to take a bite
Inherit the classics and create deliciousness again.
Eat it after heating in the oven for a special flavor!
Individual small packages, sharing good choices with fun.

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Weight 69 g


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