Japan Meiji Chocolate Cacao Trip box set

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Product Code : JC-02283

Product : Japan Meiji Chocolate Cacao Trip box set

Brand : Meiji

Origin : Japan

Packing : 8 pc x 1

Weight : 60 g


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Japan Meiji Chocolate Cacao Trip box set

Meiji Chocolate “Cocoa Journey” Appearance Review
As a book, the items in the box are also very colorful!
There are four types of mini chocolates on the left and right, a total of eight types of chocolate are stored.
On the left is the chocolate production area, the evaluation of “cocoa”, “sour” and “baking” and the description of each flavor.
On the right is a map of each production area.
You can enjoy being playful and knowledgeable, which is a very interesting experiment.
This design started a chocolate box.
Having said that, now I can finally review the taste!

Dominican Republic

Here you can taste all the cocoa beans from Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, and Dominica.

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Weight 60 g