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Product Code: JCH-75891

Product: Japan Meiji Strawberry Almond Chocolate

Brand: Meiji

Origin: Japan

Packing:  1 pc

Weight : 47g



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Japan Meiji Strawberry Almond Chocolate

I love the pink place to suck in the pink packaging, and buy others on average. Sweet and sour almond almonds. Crawling is a delicious apricot drive, a little demand, a kind of euphoria. Very good chocolate with skilled thickness that can be returned.
When chewing chocolate, the crispy texture of chocolate and almonds is very delicious ♡ The sweet and sour taste of strawberry chocolate is well balanced, and the aroma of nuts blends together, which is very delicious! The chocolate coating is slightly thicker and the taste is satisfactory.

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Weight 47 g


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