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Product Code : JCH-47309

Product : Japan Morinaga Otama Chocolate Ball White Crunch

Brand : Morinaga

Origin : Japan

Packing : 1 pc

Weight : 46 g

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Japan Morinaga Otama Chocolate Ball White Crunch

The new flavor is a white chocolate peanut-coated dish with peanut salt from Lorraine, France.
You can enjoy the sweet taste of white chocolate and the salty taste of rock salt.
In addition, it is possible to contain golden chocolate balls as before.
It’s hard to get golden chocolate balls, so I want to watch it once.
When opened, there are 13 inside. Each bag only shows the content of 56 grams.
There are also big peanuts inside, so you can enjoy the crispy skin and crunchy texture of peanuts more than usual.
Because it contains rock salt, it tastes sour and is very delicious.
New big chocolate balls worth buying, delicious and satisfying.

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Weight 46 g


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