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Product Code : JCH-10075

Product : Japan Morinaga Salt Butter Caramel Candy

Brand : Morinaga

Origin : Japan

Packing : 1 pc

Weight : 72 g

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♥ Japanese limited Morinaga salted caramel milk candy ♥

Full-bodied salted milk caramel
Salty and sweet, rich caramel flavor
When milk candy hits rock salt~~~
Say goodbye to the sweet and greasy taste of the past,
The salt-flavored caramel is sweet but not greasy, with a salty and sweet feeling. 100% salt from Japanese rock salt is used. It is rich in flavor and has a unique flavor, allowing you to take one bite after another! 🍬😛😛
Give you a different new feeling💕
Haven’t eaten, come and try it 😛😛
Really push it! ! ! Really push it! ! ! Really push it! !

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Weight 72 g


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