Japan Nestle Mint Kit Kat


Product Code : JKK-77306

Product : Japan Nestle Mint Kit Kat

Brand : Nestle

Origin : Japan

Packing : 12pc x 1 pack

Weight : 120 g

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Japan Nestle Mint Kit Kat

Kit Kat gave me mint again this year♬ I don’t know which one to compare, but it feels like mint

Improved 🌱The impression is as sweet as last year’s premium mint. The wafer in the middle and the outer chocolate is closer to the bitterness and the familiar crispy Feeling Sandy. Peppermint cream, giving you a fresh mint feeling✨ So the only obvious difference is that the inside is The bis dough style is still wafer, if you are cool this year, it is very delicious😍

(For those who like chocolate mint)

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Weight 120 g


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