Japan Nestle Pudding KitKats


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Product : Japan Nestle Pudding KitKats

Brand : Nestle

Origin : Japan

Packing : 12pc x 1pack

Weight : 120g

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Japan Nestle Pudding KitKats

Many mothers are busy with housework and childcare, but also want to cherish the “time with family”, with the concept of “time with a family, wonderful time, favorite time”, and enjoy a good time with their families. We developed KitKats. On the personal packaging, we have prepared a package, you can write down what you want to do with your family, and then give it to your family, you can enjoy it together. The taste is pudding, a favorite of adults and children. It is based on white chocolate, mixed with cream pudding, and caramel cream is rubbed between the wafers.

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Weight 120 g