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Product Code : JTB-10061

Product : Japan Nitto White Peach Teabag

Brand : Nitto

Origin : Japan

packing : 10pc x 1

weight : 130g

10 in stock

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Japan Nitto White Peach Teabag

💥Japan Nitto Black Tea Series-Royal Milk Tea 🌸White Peach Milk Tea 💥
Nitto White Peach Milk Tea 140g
Using Hokkaido milk, the version in Japan
Super delicious ❤️
If you like milk tea, don’t let him go 🙋‍♀️
Drink out ➰ strong ➰ mellow ➰ fragrant 👅👅Individual packaging
📣📣This big push is the best milk tea in brewing drinks.
Ever since I drank Nitto’s milk tea
Other milk teas are not in the eyes at all 😂😂😂

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Weight 130 g


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