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Product Code : JTB-08266

Product : Japan Nittoh-Tea Daily Club 6 Variety Pack

Brand : Nittoh-Tea

Origin : Japan

packing : 10pc x 1

Weight : 40 g


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Japan Nittoh-Tea Daily Club 6 Variety Pack

Fruit-flavored tea bags that can enjoy six scents

Apple tea
The fresh smell and sweetness of freshly picked apples.

White wine and La France tea
White wine and pear aromas.

Mango and Orange Tea
Melts the sweetness of ripe mangoes.

Peach and Lychee Tea
The mild scent of peaches and the strong scent of lychee.

lemon tea
Authentic taste and aroma with lemon zest.

Blueberry and raspberry tea
The scent of double berries.

Use Ceylon tea leaves. (※above 50)
Sealed and individually packaged to lock in aroma and freshness.


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Weight 40 g


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