Japan Ogawa coffee Shop blend dripped coffee


Product Code : JDC-67807

Product : Japan Ogawa coffee Shop blend dripped coffee

Brand : Ogawa

Origin: Japan

Packing : 8pc x 1

Weight : 80g

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A well-known cafe in Kyoto, you can buy a rich, mellow and rich taste without going abroad

◾Specifications: 10g×8pcs/bag

☆ ☆High-quality deep-fried 45%


Bitter taste★★★☆☆

Sour taste★★★☆☆

[How to make it delicious]

(1) Gently shake the bag, pour the coffee powder down, and tear it apart along the upper line.

(2) Grasp the lower part of the hook and separate it left and right, and fix it firmly on the edge of the cup.

(3) Pour in a small amount of hot water, steam for 20 seconds, then pour in hot water 2-3 times. (Complete: about 130-140 cc)

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Weight 80 g