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Japan Okabe Strawberry White Chocolate


Product Code : JCH-03437

Product : Japan Okabe Strawberry White Chocolate

Brand : Okabe

Origin : Japan

Packing : 1 Cup

Weight : 90 g

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Japan Okabe Strawberry White Chocolate

Seasonal limited white strawberry~~~
Okabe White Strawberry
I think it’s delicious and recommend it to everyone😊
This strawberry is made by putting strawberries into dissolved white chocolate.
Strawberry 🍓Chocolate balls really have to be eaten ~ Fresh strawberries🍓The sweet and sour taste of dried strawberries😋😋~The unprecedented new taste of both “strawberry sweet and sour” and “chocolate kurimi sa”, plus extra Wrapped in white chocolate, it really feels blissful to eat🥺🥺 ~ It’s a good match with red and white wine😂😂

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Weight 90 g



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