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Product Code : JDC-310306

Product : Japan Seiko Drip Bag Coffee Original Blend

Brand : Seiko 

Origin : Japan


Bitter taste★★★☆☆

Sour taste★☆☆☆☆

Packing : 24pc x 1

Weight : 192g

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A deeply roasted coffee blended with beans from Brazil and Indonesia and a rich aroma. It is a great size with 24 bags. With a refreshing and fragrant aroma, it can be deep roasted when the pouch is opened. It looks like coarse grinding, but according to the display effect, it seems to be fine grinding.

When you put it in a cup and pour hot water, the bitterness will diffuse, there are 24 bags in total

But, when I actually drink it, it is not too dull, and it is very refreshing and easy to drink!

The manufacturer is Seiko Coffee from Hiroshima Prefecture.


Bitter taste★★★☆☆

Sour taste★☆☆☆☆

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Weight 192 g


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