Japan Sour Lemon & Cola Soft Candy Flavor


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Product : Japan Sour Lemon & Cola Soft Candy Flavor

Brand : Wang Wang

Origin : Japan

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Weight : 70g

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Japan Sour Lemon & Cola Soft Candy Flavor

Enjoy the deliciousness of the bond with “Suppai Daisakusen Coca-Cola and Lemon” from Wang Wang Japan. You can compare the two flavors while tasting the food.
The sour taste is not as strong as I thought, the taste of cola reproduces the taste of carbonated water, the lemon taste is delicious, the sweetness and sourness are moderate. It’s fun to eat and compare in a bag. This product is recommended not only for children, but also for adults. Compared with ordinary soft candies, stick-shaped soft candies are easy to store and have a lot of value! The sourness is also very mild, so people who are not good at sourness can also do it. You can eat it by yourself or share it with family and friends.

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Weight 70 g

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