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Product Code : JCH-70570

Product : Japan Tohato Doll’s Festival P Pokemon Chocolate 75g

Brand : Tohato

Origin : Japan

Packing : 5pc x 1

Weight : 75 g



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Japan Tohato Doll’s Festival P Pokemon Chocolate 75g

Tokyo Pikachu Chocolate Flavor Cookies Hinamatsuri limited packaging imported from Japan, the well-known famous manufacturer Tokyo Seika Super cute Pikachu limited modeling biscuits open the outer packaging, the exquisite small packaging inside the children will scream when they see the chocolate biscuits are crispy and delicious from A product that surprises people inside and out, with a high CP value! The shape is pleasing, the favorite of adults and children, suitable for all ages. There is a small package for easy carrying and sharing~ Origin: Japan Specification: 75 grams (15 grams x 5 bags)

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Weight 75 g


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