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Product : Japan UCC Travel Cafe Drip Coffee

Brand : UCC

Origin : Japan

Packing : 12pc x 1

Weight : 94g

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[UCC Travel Cafe Japan Drip Coffee Local Coffee Tour Product Details]

● You can enjoy coffee from all over Japan through a cup of coffee.
● Assorted blends that reproduce the characteristics of coffee.

[Set details]

Sapporo edition: 2 cups
Sendai edition: 2 cups
Tokyo edition: 1 cup
Kanazawa edition: 1 cup or Kyoto edition: 1 cup
Nagoya edition: 1 cup
Kobe edition: 1 cup
Hiroshima edition: 2 cups
Hakata edition: 2 cups

[UCC Travel Cafe Drip Coffee Ingredients for visiting local coffee]

Coffee beans

Raw bean producing country name
Sapporo: Brazil, Colombia, etc.
Sendai: Brazil, Colombia
Tokyo: Ethiopia, Guatemala
Nagoya edition: Brazil, Colombia, etc.
Kyoto edition: Colombia, Brazil, etc. (Kanazawa edition: Brazil, Colombia, etc.)
Kobe: Guatemala, El Salvador
Hiroshima: El Salvador, Brazil
Hakata: Brazil, Vietnam

[Nutrition ingredients]
Per 100 ml
Calorie: 3kcal, protein: 0.3g, fat: 0g, carbohydrates: 0.5g, salt equivalent: 0-0.003g

【Preservation method】
Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.

・ Consume as soon as possible after opening.
・ Place a cup with a diameter of 7 to 9 cm in a stable place.
・ Assemble the paper dripper according to the assembly method described, and place it on the cup correctly.
・ Because we handle hot water, please be careful not to get burned when pouring.
・ In rare cases, coffee oils and fats may float on the liquid surface, but there is no problem with the quality.

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Weight 94 g