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Japan UHA Mikakuto Hunter Meshi Lemon Candy


Product Code : JC-32202

Product : Japan UHA Mikakuto Hunter Meshi Lemon Candy

Brand : UHA

Origin : Japan

Packing : 1 pc

Weight : 20g


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Japan UHA Mikakuto Hunter Meshi Lemon Candy

The main energy ingredients contained are honey, royal jelly, glucose, etc. When you open it and sniff it with your nose close to the bag, it smells pretty sweet. Take out one light orange with a white coating from the inside. It’s pretty hard to touch.
It’s sour when I lick it! It’s a pretty hard gummy when you chew it, and if you’re stuffing it at a dentist, you’ll be anxious. Lightly sweet. The energy feeling is that it is very chewy and you can feel the sourness and a little bitterness. The sourness does not last long and is sweet at the beginning and end. The sour enadri taste with vitamin C or citric acid may be the reason why it is said to be a recovery system.

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Weight 20 g





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